Monday, October 6, 2014

Dusty Video Box Presents: The Syndicate of Carnality: Act Two

The Syndicate of Carnality:
Act Two
By The Unknown Fan

     For mere seconds, all was quiet. The trio of sensational female crimefighters stare down the bizarre symbol of humor in their midst. As usual, Vamp simply licked her sensual lips, thanking Ward for the buffet of violence she was about to unleash. She considered herself a creature of pure nightmare, a Shadow-Elf that would profess to this clown what true evil really was.

Her red taloned fingernails flexed as the dark symbols on her pale elven skin ran together like black ink, pooling around her wrists into wickedly sharp two foot long black and red scythes. She scrapped the razor edges against the concrete tauntingly, sparks surging into the air.

Meanwhile, The Venusian Vixen was helping her friend Crystal to remove the whip cream from her face and between her cleavage.

"You know you are no match for my mental acumen, Buffoon!" the Mental Mistress's eyes narrowed at the clown before her.

"Just let me at him, and watch the crimson spray." Vamp sighed, seemingly on the verge of estasy.

"Blazing Moons, where is he?" Crystal cried, waving her pistol blindly from side to side, and still failing to remove the bulk of the cream from her mask.

The Buffoon was initially silent at this exchange, before thundering in laughter at the top of his lungs.

"Don't you feel anything yet, girl?!" he chuckled rapidly, performing a handstand.

"Why you-!" Jazmon started forward before a sharp, erotic gasp reached her ears. A slight glance at her side cursed her with the sight of Crystal's dark hand trembling, the gun slowly falling from it and shattering as it hit the ground. The Subzero Spacefighter soon followed, her shapely physique collapsing to the ground in a squirming mass of arms and legs.

"Ummmmmmmmm.....wha.....Oh Xeni...." Her shapely lips cooed as her hands rubbed her body up and down. "Can...Can't...stop...feels....feels so...good! Xeni! Ohhhhhhhhh....."

"I betcha she's feeling like the mother of all volcanoes!" the Buffoon cackled as he somersaulted and landed neatly, poised like an alert feline.

"Great Tor!" The Vixen exclaimed in horror. "He's infected her with...with some kind of super-aphrodisiac!"

"It seems it did not take your vaulted telepathy to figure that out!" the Buffoon roared. "Crystal Century's body is simply one huge erogenous zone!"

As on cue, the purple-haired Unionnaire's blue fingernails flashed across her transparent crop-top, releasing her dark brown breasts from their garment prison. Her fingertips barely brushed the top of her cleavage before an orgasmic moan escaped from her lips. The Ice Queen's emerald eyes glistened with tears of embarassment, little diamonds behind her red domino mask.

"Where is the cure, malevolent creature?!" Jazmon growled through clenched teeth, her silver eyes becoming pupiless. "Heal her or I'll-"

Before anyone could reply, a mammoth shadow suddenly engulfed the Buffoon. The criminal prankster only had time to look up with a mere gasp before the area where he stood vanished in a violent explosion of dust and rubble. Initially covering her eyes, the Venusian Vixen's forehead wrinkled, a nearly intangible field of blue energy emerging to telekinetically blow away the blinding cloud of debris.

When she cleared the area, her silver lips parted in shock as she gave Vamp a sidelong glance of anger.

Where the Buffoon originally stood, a one-story shadowy creature leered over them, roaring in triumph. It was Leviathan, one of Vamp's shadow creatures made from her nearly limitless manipulation of the darkness.

"You wicked elf, how could you?!" Jazmon wailed, quickly kneeling down to comfort the moaning and convulsing Crystal. "We needed him alive-"

"He was getting on my nerves." the Shadow Elf waved her off, picking in one of her pointy ears with a red talon and flicking away ear wax. "I don't see how you can stand it. Kill him quickly and solve the problem!"

"Unionnaires. Don't. Kill!" The Gray One practically screamed. "We are the Guardians of Good, protectors of justice. Also...he is the only one that has the anidote to Crystal's condition!"

"Pssst." Vamp shrugged. "That little prissy Khree needs to live a little, I say...always talking about her Khree Void Captain Code. No wonder she couldn't get laid on her planet."

"You despicable..." Jazmon trailed off, standing up slowly, her fists balled and trembling. Before she could take a step towards her adversary, something was thrown into her line of vision. The world seemed to slow to a crawl, time becoming solid. The Venusian's silvery eyes widened in horror as her powerful mind took in the shape and concept of the object before her face.

It was a glowing blue sphere. A split second later, it suddenly exploded in a blaze of light.

"Oh!" she screamed, closing her eyes in pain. She suddenly heard the trademark crackle of electricity as it surged through the air right in front of her. A deep, gruff groan and a loud crash of glass painted a mental picture for her.

Vamp had been hit with a blast of electricity and thrown through the glass store display window behind her.


"I told you to hold it!" his gruff voice floating to her ears confirmed his identity. "God damn it, all you had to do was maintain an inkling of sanity. Now we have to play it by ear, and I'm bad at guessing games!"

"HHOOOOHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!" The Buffoon's voice bellowed. "I love games! Video games, board games, party games! I love 'em!"

"What god did I make mad to get the Spongebob of the criminal underworld?" Riffster half grumbled, half snarled. "But...good work. The pie thing...not to shabby. And here I thought you were making an 'American Pie' reference."

"The Riffster and the Buffoon?!" The Vixen cried blindly, her mind still disoriented. "This is one supervillain team-up that will be dismantled before it has begun!"

"Don't worry about 'mind and muscles', carnival man." Riffster's voice chuckled. "The Big Guy said he'll handle her. We just need to focus on the others..."

"HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!" The Buffoon chuckled even louder, his shrill guffaw ending in harsh coughs.

At this, the Mental Mistress slowly opened her eyes. The blurry image slowly came into focus with each blink.

Blink. Two blurry men, one in a patchwork suit and clown paint on his face, and the other in a red suit decorated with blue lightning bolts, slowly walked past her.

Blink. The lightning man methodically stepped through the shattered glass display and vanished, while the other crept up to the squirming, half-naked Crystal Century on the ground.

Blink. The Buffoon reached into the pocket of his patchwork jeans, and withdrew a long paddle that was four feet long and thick. He turned Crystal over on her back. The Khree Policewoman did not seem to protest this, her face twisted in the throes of ecstasy. Chuckling uncontrollably, the clown criminal positioned Crystal so that her silver-plaid skirted bottom jutted up in the air. He then gently pulled the skirt up, to revealed her well-developed buttocks and tiny white panties.

With a crackle of glee, he ripped them away, leaving her naked.

As the Vixen tried to move forward, to halt the coming embarrassment, she found her muscular form unyielding, unwilling to heed her mental commands. Her shapely legs felt heavy as lead before they froze beneath her. The feeling abandoned her gray arms, making them as limp, heavy weights.

Before she could realize her misfortune, she became still as a statue, trapped within her own body!

Blink. Her eyes froze...and she could only watch in stark terror as the Buffoon brought the paddle down on Crystal's exposed rear end.

With what inkling of self-consciousness she had left, the Khree Crusader known as Crystal Century tried to regain control of her luscious physique from the grip of the Buffoon's insanely powerful aphrodisiac. However, even the slightest of movement, or budging the merest of inches, sent overwhelming waves of orgasmic pleasure rippling through her form.

Although alien she may be, her body shared most, if not all of the characteristics of the normal human female. The usual scientific fact of the Khree's physique was several hundred years beyond that of humankind seemed to be merely an empty boast at this low point.

Here she was, one of the highest officers in the Khree Void nothing more than a lowly sexual deviant.

She could not see the Buffoon hanging over her, measuring his swing to her naked buttocks with his thick paddle. Her shimmering purple locks blocked her vision; it was too hard to move them.

"Ummmmmmmmmmm..." she bit her bottom lip, her cheeks flushing hot with embarressment. She could not help herself...she was aroused uncontrollably, every movement sending fire through all of her limbs!

Her hand stretched forward, in a desperate attempt to crawl to freedom. One of her naked nipples scrapped the sidewalk, causing a loud erotic gasp to erupt from her mouth.

"Oh, don't go anywhere!" The Buffoon chuckled. "The fun just startin'!"

Powerless to do anything but obey, the infected Subzero Spacefighter could do nothing but collapse bodily on the cold concrete, moaning wildly. Suddenly, her world became quiet, the proverbial calm before the storm. She felt the air rush to her unclothed posterior, her silver plaid microskirt flapping in the wind.

And then...WHAMMM!!

"AGHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAHH!!" her orgasmic cry tore from her lungs as her body exploded in heat and sexual pleasure. The Buffoon screamed with harsh laughter as he grabbed a fistful of Crystal's purple hair, arching her head and back, and her dark neck bent forward.

"I love this game!" the Perilous Prankster cackled, holding his paddle aloof with his other hand mere seconds before bring it across Crystal's naked behind once again.


"OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGHHHHHH!" the Khree Guardian of Good screeched, her sensual mouth wide, eyes squeezed shut behind the slits of her red mask. Tears of frustration pooled in her eyes.

she telepathically begged.

She could feel the warm juices flowing from inside of her, trickling down her thighs and pooling around her raw knees. With each stroke of the Buffoon's heavy paddle, she was erupting with passion inside.

"Yes...Niagera Falls!" The Buffoon squealed with delight, seeing the results of his bizarre game. "Let's keep it coming, spacecop!"

The paddle raised slowly, tauntingly, menacingly...and then it was brought down hard.



The Vixen of Venus found herself able to control her eyes once again, but her surroundings had changed. Instead of the city street that served as an impromptu battleground, she was in a dark pink bedroom of sorts...seemingly alien in design.

Venusian in design.

She glanced down, finding herself starring at her large gray breasts and muscular torso. She was completely naked, save her trademark purple earrings, shaped in the Union symbol of a star encircled by a golden ring.

" " she greeted in her native Venusia language, glancing anxiously about the large room. A multi-colored bed sat in the middle, next to a large window. Outside...outside was a view of Venus, the planet of her birth. Trembling in spite of herself, the Gray One slowly walked over and pressed her hand against the glass, sighing at the majesty of Earth's twin planet.

There was something familiar about this scene, but she could not immediately put her mighty mind on the reason why.

Suddenly, the door opened with a quiet hiss. Jazmon whirled around quickly, her lengthily platinum hair flowing behind, and exclaimed, "By the Supreme Lord..."

His muscular legs closed the gap between them in the span of nanoseconds. Jazmon surrendered to his embrace, her head laying on his well-developed chest. She looked up into his eyes, those emerald eyes, just like the moons of Thagor where they had met all those parsecs ago.

They said nothing, verbally or telepathically. Her hand brushed his golden bangs from his forehead before standing on her bare tiptoes, drawing him into a kiss.

As their lips locked, the horrible memories of Ward and other galactic rapists flashed through her mind. A tear escaped the corner of her eye, trickling down her cheek and, as if in slow motion, fell to the ground.

"" she drew back from the kiss, holding his gray face with both hands. ""

Suddenly, the Vixen's hands began to glow, causing visual waves of multicolor to ripple through the male Venusian's face. His form began to waver and warp, and suddenly dispersed into ether, leaving the Mental Mistress alone.

"I...thank you for that moment...this memory of my wedding chamber." she said aloud, glancing about the room. "But it will take more than mere Venusian psychotronic tricks to fool me."

"I would expect nothing less from the former Protector of Venus." a female voice boomed from all around Jazmon. "Or should I refer to you as the sole sex slave that escaped the Darkelf?"

"You should refer to me as your better." The Vixen replied smugly. "You address one of the most powerful minds in existence. I feel your astral fingers trying to pry into the pathways of my cerebral haven. It would be wise to give up now."

But the voice laughed sinisterly. "You foolish little Venusian. Do you think I am really this meek?"

The Gray One practically jumped when the room began to literally crumble around her. She tried to activate her telekinesis for flight, but her vast powers seemed to have been shut off. As the ground became an abyss below her, Jazmon clawed at the air powerlessly as she plummeted into the black.

She did not fall far, however. Glowing pink strands of energy sliced through the darkness, snapping harshly around her neck, wrists, and ankles. With an agonizing pull, the powerless Venusian was snapped spreadeagle. Before her, a large pink cloud of mist formed before her, shaping into a giant, featureless face.

"Do you understand now, Venusian Vixen?!" the female voice boomed from it. "Here, I control everything. Here...I AM TOR!"

"You will never win!" Jazmon screamed defiantly.

"I have control of your mighty mind now, naive one!" the misty face bellowed. "Watch...!"

"No!" The Venusian cried, her gray forehead wrinkling. As if two images superimposed on each other, the Vixen's naked form was soon clothed with her trademark purple halter top, matching microskirt, and glowing transparent Enhancement Sandals. However, her uniform soon flicked from existence, leaving her nude once again.

In the real world, the Venusian's glassy-eyed form began to move, slowly, trembling, as if warring with itself. Her left hand, with a mighty effort, began to lift up slightly. Then, it was slowly forced back to her side.

"You will never gain control of my body!!" Jazmon cried.

"It is already done, you young fool!" the voice spoke, also from her lips.

The Venusian quickly looked around, realizing with a start that her consciousness had returned to the real world. However, at that moment, she could only move her head. She watched in horror as her left arm began to move once again, but not on her accord!

"Cease this at once!" she squealed, her right hand grabbing her left arm and holding it in place. For a minute, the two limbs were at a stalemate. However, suddenly, her left hand flew up and grabbed her throat with strength greater than her own.

The Mental Mistress coughed uncontrollably, feeling the precious oxygen she breathed being squeezed from her lungs. She tried grabbing her delinquent hand with the other one...but that too turned against her. Soon, she was being choked by both of her hands!

"Gahhhhh....hhhh...." she gasped in a dry whisper, unable to form words as her own limbs squeezed her throat. Her knees buckled, and the mighty Cerebral Savior's platinum silver haired head was lying on the sidewalk, her silver eyes closed in unconsciousness.

"Now..." the voice came from the slumbering alien's silver lips. "Let's see if we can get those shoes off..."


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