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Dusty Video Box Presents: The Syndicate of Carnality: Act Three

The Syndicate of Carnality
Act Three
By The Unknown Fan

"I always like to play with my meal before devouring it."

The despicable dynamo known as Riffster continued to make his way into a world of black, a living abyss of echoes that was formerly a typical shopping market. He had pulled his face mask over his grizzled visage, completing his infamous red and lightning-blue ensemble. The sapphire lightning bolts provided limited light, although it seemed to be devoured by the shadowy mass that now engulfed him.

He could not help for feel reluctance at pressing on to face his adversary. Unlike the other Unionnaires, she did not play by the rules of good and evil; in fact, she seemed more like a good drinking buddy than someone to humiliate before the world.

Maybe he could appeal to her dark side.

"I figured you elves to be plant-eaters." he quipped, holding his balled fists before him, sparking with blue electricity.

"I'm a man-eater, human." the sexy voice cooed, all around him, as if in surround sound.

"I thought the Union was always your main course..." Riffster replied, glancing around cautiously.

"They are." the abyss seemingly rippled before him with an audible plop. "But the Venusian mind witch made a Faustian deal with me. She traded lives. Your pathetic world for a galaxy far, far away."

"I see." The Riffster's hand slowly dropped to his sides, the electricity subsiding. "So, you're becoming a goodie-two shoes now, eh? Once you go back, you can't return-"

The rest of his statement was lost forever, replaced with an thunderous bellow. A spike of pure black was stabbed into his leg, causing a small geyser of crimson to erupt from the wound.

"Can you believe that gray tramp had the gall to say that I could harm no one on this miserable planet?!" the sexy voice ranted. Before the  supervillain, the void rippled open, and Vamp stepped through, chuckling quietly.

"Oh God!" Riffster screeched, electricity surging about him as he tried unsuccessfully to pull the spike from his leg.

"Don't call for your worthless piece of air now, light bulb man." Vamp growled. "That's for the lightning in my nether region. And this..."

She trailed off as she made a small beckoning gesture with her left hand. Another spike suddenly stabbed into the Riffster's other leg, causing him to scream and whimper slightly.

"...that's just to turn me on..." the Shadowelf licked her blue lips with her red tongue, slowly unbuttoning her black bra and red corset. She gasped slightly as she fondled one of her small, supple breasts, teasing the nipple as she watched her opponent tremble in agony.

"Damn it..." Riffster said in a ragged breath. "I...she was right, she was..."

Vamp stopped fondling her breast. "Who?"

"I...I-I-I..."the electric criminal stuttered, his lips trembling in agony.

"Who?" Vamp strode towards him, the platforms of her Sandals flashing blood red with each step.

" was the Venusian!" he spat out at last as her elven face was mere inches from his. "Before...before I...came here...she sat this all test test your resolve on the deal."

Vamp's luscious lips twisted into a cold sneer. "Then I guess I failed her little girl scout test."

"No." Riffster gritted his teeth, suddenly seizing her head with both hands. "You passed. Just like the rest of them, your your downfall!"

With that, he electrified the eleven warrior with all the power within his being. His scream of rage, fear, and pain joined hers in a bizarre duet, culminating in a powerful explosion that ripped through the both of them. Riffster found himself flying backward through space, before his back slammed into a large canned food display.

He vanished within the avalanche of metal-contained corn.


"You poor, poor dears." Professor Swan murmured sadly, silently watching the floating bodies of the unconscious Union members in the glass tanks, for now their prisons. It had been quiet around the lab since Jazmon had gone, although if the report on television was to be believed, it was quite lively outside.

She still could not believe her senses. The Riffster and the Buffoon, joining forces? It was definitely something to be frightened about; sure, the duo was minor villains on their own, but together? For some reason, she could not place her finger on it, but she felt that this was not the end of it.

There was something bigger behind the scene. Something loomed over the horizon.

Suddenly, she felt the ground tremble slightly. Was it her imagination?

Brushing back her red bangs nervously, the scientist leaped to her feet and quickly rushed to the door of the room. Opening it to a crack, she peeked through it...and wish she had not.

"Oh my God!" she backpedaled violently, her back slamming against the table in the center of the room.

The door to the room suddenly exploded as a massive form charged into the room. As the dust and debris cloud cleared, Professor Swan removed her hand from before her face to gawk in horror at the horrific being that stood before her.

He was eight foot tall, a mass of muscles that loomed over the small scientist. His face was literally a bull's head, only matching his hair covered legs and hooves for feet. His entire body was covered in a fine coat of black hair.

"The Minotaur?!" Professor Swan screeched. "What are you!"

The named villain only snorted black smoke, and pawed the ground angrily. Suddenly, he charged towards the scientist.

She screamed, blindly rolling to the side. The mythical menace hit the table, easily reducing it to sliver. A mass of scrambling arms and legs, Professor Swan slithered to one side of the lab and thundered hard against the cabinets. As she slide up to her feet, the Minotaur turned to face her, pawing at the ground once again with his feet.

"Please don't kill me!" Swan whimpered. "I just a lowly scientist. My only sin is playing Call Of Duty 12 hours straight!"

However, just as it seemed the hairy juggernaut is about to plow forward, he froze in his massive tracks. Suddenly, his large reproductive organ jutted forward from his fur, causing Swan's face to frown in disgust.

"Gross!" she cried, covering her eyes with the back of one hand. "Can you put that thing away?!"

"It's not for you, Swanie." a familiar voice reached her ears. A newcomer slowly floated into view, landing protectively before her. Her well-developed body was completely nude with the exception of glowing silver platform sandals on her feet.

Long green braids draped over slender shoulders and unto a sexy, tanned back.

"Alright, Minotaur!" Neptuna balled her fists, her enlarged breasts bouncing as she stepped towards the beast. She was still wet from the water inside of the glass tank.

"Since I know you don't carry a wallet in that fur of yours..." The Sea Nymph declared. "It's time to take payback the ol' fashion way...out of your hide!"

A rumble of thunder heralded a terrific explosion directly outside of Professor Swan's lab, located on the second floor of the Biology building of Metro State University. Debris sliced through the air for up to 20 feet around, mercilessly pummeling the horrified students below. A particularly large piece of something crashed to the ground, vanishing in an volcanic-like eruption of dirt.

Within the smoldering crater, a hand slowly emerged. It was a slender female hand, dirty, with broken green fingernails. A disheveled, sea green-haired head followed, its African-braids mangled with dust.

"Suffering Shitfish..." a slightly husky female voice swore as a battered, naked, sensational copper-skinned form rose to full height out of the crater. "I'm...still"

The Marine Maiden known the world over as Neptuna angrily glared at the source of her misfortune, her shapely breasts, which had grown to the size of watermelons thanks to the sinister pregnancy created by their last adversaries. She had defeated the parasitic creature inside of her. However, it seemed that it would take a while before her body was returned to normal.

With her center of balance off kilter, the Revenging Daughter was finding it hard to battle her latest foe, who stared in rage down at her from the hole they had made in the side of the building.

Every fiber, every cell, every inch of her being was telling the Water Nymph to fly away, to quickly return to her father in the sea. A smile of arrogance ripped across her smudged face. She stepped forward, her silver Enhancement Sandals flashing in the midday sun.

She beckoned the deadly creature with a middle finger.

She was never good at the flight part of the fight-or-flight response.

The Minotaur roared, a cloud of black surging from his nostrils. Brandishing his battle-axe, which spanned twice his height of eight inches, the dark creature of myth stepped nonchalantly out of the hole and into space. He plummeted like a stone, hitting the ground with such explosive force that Neptuna had to cover her eyes with an arm to block the expansive dirt cloud.

With the cloud dispersed, the Minotaur thundered towards his smaller opponent, each step causing the ground to quake. Although the aquatic Guardian of Good stood defiantly before him, naked, with hands boldly on hips, her inhumanly sized breasts quivered with each step, causing her to blush uncontrollably.

The Man-Bull held his gigantic axe lengthwise in both hands as he drew near. His eyes glowed hauntingly red, and he snorted ruby flames. Yet the Princess of the Depths was undaunted, her will indomitable. She wanted much more rage from her beastily assailant.

"Y'know what your old master, Doc Cunnillinga eats every morning before he gets his prison workout?" she sneered. "A knuckle sandwich...delivered by yours truly!"

"Dust!!!" the Minotaur bellowed in his gruff inhuman voice as he held the axe above his head, ready to bring it down on the emerald-haired superheroine. He moved faster than anticipated, causing Neptuna to scramble ungracefully out of the way of his swing. The axe easily sliced the earth where she had just stood, leaving giant cracks in its wake.

"I outstripped the dolphins when I was a baby, your hairy moron!" Neptuna screamed, leaping up with left haymaker. "You couldn't keep up with my speed on your best day!"

However, her attack was blocked by the handle of the axe, proving that the mythical creature could belay her boast. He smacked her with the flat of the giant axe blade, sending her rolling head over hills a few feet from the confrontation point. As she quickly rose to her feet, he was upon her, the axe slicing through the air once more.

With all of her strength, Neptuna flew forward, both fists outstretched. The human missile slammed directly into the chest of her hirsute opponent, taking him off of his hooves. Gritting her teeth, the Marine Maiden aimed for the sky, taking her enemy into the clouds. While the sea was her primary element, the sky was close second.

The Minotaur snorted wildly, kicking with his hoofed feet. Neptuna stared into his bull-shaped face and chuckled sinisterly, knowing the overwhelming fear the creature must felt as the campus was shrinking further below them. However, a gasp suddenly escaped her lips.

The mythical menace casually abandoned his huge accessory, and began to pummel her sensual back with bone-shattering blows! Neptuna wheezed as the air was torn from her lungs and gills. Her grip on her larger adversary was growing much weaker. As a throbbing red crept into her vision, she had released the creature before she had known it.

The large beast seemingly floated in the clouds for seconds, as if forgetting its link to gravity. Then, with a snort of fear, it began its wild descent from the sky.

Neptuna hovered a few seconds longer, watching the giant bull-man fall before soaring after him. A emerald-haired comet, she sliced through the air before him, ending her charge with a powerful roundhouse kick across the snout. A trickle of blood poured out of the corner of the monster's mouth as its face snapped back.

The Revenging Daughter followed up with a flurry of punches and kicks, battering the creature, never letting up for a moment. However, one punch came to slow, and that was all the mythical menace needed. Squeezing her arm savagely, causing her to cry out in pain, the Minotaur whirled Neptuna's falling body around to where he was facing her back.

Suddenly, he wrapped his massive hairy arms around her gigantic breasts, and began to squeeze. Her arms pinned at her sides, Neptuna felt the air rushed out of her for the second time that day. Her Sandals flashed as she kicked blindly, trying to wiggle free.

"Let me go, you air-sucking throw rug!" she gasped, her head shaking uncontrollably from side to side. The Minotaur only guffawed sinisterly, watching with an intimidating patience as the ground rushed up to meet them.

"!!" Neptuna gasped, but found herself getting lightheaded. Her eyes wavered as the air continued to escape her body, but with no way back in.

"Dust!!!" The Minotaur chuckled as they free-fell to their doom.

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