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Dusty Video Box Presents: Overmaster Wars(Restricted! Rated NC-17)

RESTICTED: MAYBE OFFENSIVE TO SOME! (thanks to burnsluciano)

I always consider Overmaster Wars my first novel project, even though I did not get further than the second chapter of the novel's first arc. It was the final nail in the coffin of what I really desired to do with my life: to become a professional fantasy/science fiction writer. This unfinished work will always be one of the few regrets I have in my life so far; the reason I did not finish it was the most simplest reason: I was not getting paid for it.

I always find my mind often drifting back to this story, wondering...what if? What if I had finished it the way I wanted to? Or at least, finished the first story arc, which I called The Sound Of Great Thunder!,as its own little novella?

But I think I should start at the beginning.

Overmaster Wars started out as an idea I had for "superheroine eroticism". Now, this subject covers a myriad of fetishes that could be considered sexual(of course, the word fetish already brings implied sexual implications), such as bondage(i.e. superheroine being captured and tied up), fighting(superheroine being physically assaulted by villains) and chloroforming(when superheroine is knocked out by a chloroform rag, made famous by Wonder Woman's 1970 television series). There is a cottage industry for this stuff online, seriously. Such websites as New Goddess Cinema, Supersexyheroines, and the Sisterhood of Superheroines are merely the tip of the iceberg; the level of eroticism varies among these sites, of course. Some can be merely innocent costumed fantasies, like the shows on television, while others can range from soft core to hard core porn levels.

Long story short, the initial concept for Overmaster Wars was inspired by the subject of superheroine chloroforming. Bear in mind this was not because of finding a conduit for sexual desire; instead, I was inspired by the idea of a team of superheroines being captured by one villain(let's face it, it is undeniably misogynistic) from slasher films. I basically wanted to lift the typical slasher film formula(i.e. a villain stalking victims) and apply it to the superheroine scene. When I first conceived the concept in 2003, there wasn't any such thing. I think the closest story I seen, which served the fuel my own aspiration, was Kiss The Superheroines from Super-Becca website. Just like Madman Marz or Angela, the Charmer captured superheroines one at a time, before being stopped at the end of the story.

So, after initial conception, I could have created my own batch of superheroines and went to town. But I decided to center the story around some borrowed characters. At first, I was going to use characters(with permission, of course) from Becca's Superheroine Fantasies website...but that was before I met Brad Chung's Samba character. You see, Mr. Chung was basically a prolific author of superheroine chloroforming/defeat/submission/bondage stories, creating such characters as Thunderbolt Woman, The Black Ant, The Lioness, and Miss Muscle. Many of his character designs seemed to mirror, in my opinion, the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman, but with a much more racial and national flavor(for example, Samba was from Rio de Janerio, and Thunderbolt Woman was from Trinidad and Tobago), which is one of the main reasons I fell in love with them. Immediately, I contacted Mr. Chung for permission to use his character Samba...and the rest was history.

The root of Overmaster Wars would begin from Samba. Deciding to maintain the 1970s' feel that many of Chung's creations had(as many of them seemed to have had drawn inspiration from Carter's Wonder Woman), I also drew inspiration from Challenge of the Superfriends. Thus, the Protectors of Justice was born: A Superfriends-esque all-star team of Chung's heroines, lead by Thunderbolt Woman, based out of the Citadel of Heroines in Port of Spain. Their enemy was, of course, The Overmaster...who used his chloroformed-powered robots named Synturions to capture superheroine enemies and torture them in a variety of erotic ways. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

You see, the two stories I did do, were the beginning of the series(i.e. novel's) first storyarc, The Sound of Great Thunder. The title comes from one of the exclamations that Thunderbolt Woman usually utters when excited(no, not that kind of excited!). The idea was to slowly reveal the conflict between the Protectors and Overmaster restarting anew in the modern age, and retroactively reveal the backstory of the age-long conflict to the audience. However, since I did not get beyond the second episode, I did not get to reveal much. So, you don't get to meet the whole of the current Protectors team, led by Samba, or the 1970s incarnation, lead by Thunderbolt Woman(except you get Rohanna, who was a member of the 1970s team). And more importantly, no Overmaster. My general idea was for him to be essentially the literal bogeyman to the heroines...a nightmarish figure on the fringes of their line of vision, the being that causes them to look over their slender shoulders to see if they weren't being followed at night. He was inspired by Freddy Kruger.

I did a lot of research for Overmaster Wars...reading and rereading Chung's stories, studying his writing style and emulating it, taking bits and pieces of continuity and shaping the universe for my story. Thus, this maybe a double edged sword, as there are tons of nods in the two stories that if you weren't a reader of Brad Chung's work, would fly over your head. Not to toot my own horn, but to put it in perspective, an easy comparison would be Grant Morrison's Batman or Geoff John's Green Lantern...both use continuity to build stories, and in Morrison's Batman's case, use all of Batman's 60+ year continuity, no matter how obscure. That's how I would have written Overmaster Wars...full of continuity, but building its own world and story. Overmaster's story itself ties into several of the Protectors'(of both teams) origins, such as Ocelot Woman 1940's tribe of origin, the Changra Tribe.

So, without further adieu, here is the first chapter of the story. If you enjoy it, proceed to the next. Remember, this story deals with erotic matters; I consider it a sexploitation/erotic exploitation-type story, in the vein of this.

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