Monday, October 6, 2014

Dusty Video Box Presents: The Syndicate of Carnality: Act Four

The Syndicate of Carnality
Act Four
By The Unknown Fan

Although the pinnacle of a crude fighter, the hairy Minatour was nevertheless a dangerous warrior of unparalleled magnitude, his mythical status well deserved. But, as the Princess of The Depths and her larger adversary plunged helplessly to Earth, his massive, hirsute arms began to slide away from their deathgrip around her enlarged bosom.

Groaning, his volcanic breath burning Neptuna's ears, the beast of a man clutched his ears, cringing in agony. The seasoned Marine Maiden smiled. Opportunity was not just was threatening to tear the door off of its hinges.

The ground rushed up towards them, a deserted highway that had replaced the heavily-populated college campus of earlier. With a snarl, Neptuna slowed her descent, letting her giant enemy plummet past. She then somersaulted gracefully in mid-air and flew after him, catching up to him and wrapping her copper arms around his gargantuan midsection.

Her grip became steel as she gathered all of the remaining strength within her lithe frame, strength that had torn battleships asunder in her young lifetime. She had only one shot at this.

"Burn, you son of Jonah!" she screamed, before unleashing millions of electric volts from within her body. The Creature of Myth bellowed an throaty animalistic howl as he was thoroughly electrocuted. For seconds, his massive frame went limp, giving his smaller opponent the chance to stand them on their heads.

The hot, blue concrete of the highway drew ever so near.

"Electric Eel Suplex!" Neptuna screeched before unleashing an even greater lethal torrent of electricity. The Minatour screamed...or at least it resembled a he plunged straight to the ground, head first.

A literal tidal wave of concrete erupted from the epicenter, sending spiderwebs in a two mile radius through the material. A blinding cloud of concrete shrapnel filled the air for a minute, before settling silently. With a sigh of relief, the Water Nymph set up from her German Suplex position, fruitlessly brushing the dirt from her glistening, sweat-drenched form.

"Thank you." she whispered, to no one in particular.

"Blessed Creator!" an over-cheery sugary voice reached her ears. "Are you alright, Princess?"

The shrapnel cloud finally settled, revealing a beautiful newcomer, with huge golden wings. Her voluptuous, alabaster form was clad in a sheer golden croptop with silver trim, a matching loincloth that reached her upper thighs, glistening gold anklets and bracelets, a glowing gold chocker, and clear Enhancement Sandals with glowing gold platforms. Her long, white hair flowed over her slender shoulders, while her pouty golden lips held an innocent smile.

"I had it all under control, Angelus." Neptuna spat, enshrouding herself in bravado.

The Angelic Sensation's golden eyes blinked innocent as she laughed heartily. "But my Soul Scream helped just a little, right?"

Neptuna rose to her feet, brushing the dust from her huge breasts. "What are you doing here, sunshine?"

Angelus's dainty hand played absently with the pink halo that floated a few inches above her white tresses. Her happy demeanor turned solemn.

"I would have came from Lucifer sooner, because of Jazmon's galactic summons, but I had missionary work in another galaxy." she told her. "But when I returned to Earth...Jazmon...and the Khree Warrior Crystal Century...were crying out. My Celestial Sense could not ignore them."

" don't know..." Neptuna trailed off, visually lost in thought.

"All I know is that Jazmon was assembling a new Union, and I was honored to be selected!" Angelus's cheery personality reasserted itself.

"" Neptuna whispered the words. "By the long have I been...?"

"A few weeks, Princess." Angelus reported sadly. "After your latest battle, you were all impregnated by the enemy. The Terran scientist named Swan worked diligently to save you, but to prevent further damage to your bodies, you were placed in suspended animation. I'm sorry..."

"What the hell are you sorry for?" Neptuna growled, punching the air. "You had nothing to do with it."

"I know, but..." Angelus's golden eyes flowed to the side as she sighed sadly.

"I'm...I'm sorry, sunshine." Neptuna looked away, her fists balled at her sides. "I...have no right in taking it out on you. You're just...caring for me, as usual."

Angelus slowly closed the gap between them, rubbing Neptuna's shoulders gingerly. "My Celestial Sense, remember? I can...can feel the pain radiating from you. The anger. Its raw."

The Marine Maiden looked into her eyes and chuckled. "People of Lucifer and people of Venus must was close before disaster struck."

The Winged Wonder blinked. "Why?"

"Because you remind me of a certain muscle-bound gray-skinned chick." Neptuna grinned.

"By The Scriptures..." Angelus exclaimed. "Jazmon! We have to rescue our fellow Unionnaires!"

"Right!" Neptuna agreed. "I'll lug this overgrown bison back to-"

"I'll take care of that..." Angelus grinned, pointing towards the unconscious Minatour. As if taking on a life of its own, the pink halo flew above the giant form. Vibrating harshly, it suddenly emitted a cone shape of light, bathing the large beast, and causing it to vanish in a shower of sparkles.

"He is now in police custody." Angelus smiled triumphantly, as the pink halo, leaving a trail of pink hearts in its wake, settled at its place above her head.

"Are you sure they can handle him?" Neptuna raised a green eyebrow.

"We have to rescue our friends!" Angelus nodded, answering her companion. Her glistening gold wings spread wide in a spectacular display, and with a flap, she was soaring in the air, towards Jazmon and the others.

Neptuna lingered behind, lost in thought as she lifted into the air. Why was the Minatour attacking Professor Swan? What trouble was the Venusian Vixen and the others into? Were her other friends, trapped in suspended animation, okay? And when would her breasts shrink to their normal size?

The Princess of the Depths suspended her thoughts, preparing for battle. Whatever was going on, there seemed to be a new conflict on the horizon.


He did not know how long he had been unconscious, only that he was slowly surfaced from a sea of black. However, as his vision slowly cleared, the lightning-powered fiend known as the Riffster found himself snapping back instinctively, as if burned by redhot iron. A gorgeous, blond Nordic goddess, her heavenly raiment consisting of a tight black leather bodysuit, harsh silver gauntlets, and daggerlike stiletto boots, sat nonchalantly on an fruit display, eating grapes.

Even though he commanded one of mankind's greatest elements, he had learned to keep his distance from this panther in woman's form. Her icy blue eyes froze him to the bone as she glared at him. These were the eyes Russian prisoners of war had stared into, before she sent them to death.

Her name came with a whisper of fear...the dreaded Senta Masoch!

"Your command of the grovel position is admirable, Riffster." she cooed in her heavily Russian-tinged English.

"Greetings, Senta Masoch." Riffster maintained his icy cool, rising and dusting himself off. "I see the big guy has sent you in. May I ask why?"

" know I don't tolerate such insult." Senta Masoch half-whispered, half-growled. "And our QUEEN has 'sent me in' to reel YOU in. We're done here."

Riffster said nothing, turning his back on the deadly KGB agent and walking over to where Vamp lay, unconscious. The Shadowelf lay on her back, her small breasts rising and falling against her corset.

"Well, bringing a trophy back..." he trailed off, reaching for Vamp's Enhancement Sandals.

"How about bringing HER back?" Senta Masoch said from behind, startling him. He had not even heard her creep up behind him!

"Why?" Riffster gave her a crazed look, hiding his surprise. "Good guys don't make good teammates."

"She's an enemy of the Venusian Vixen..." Senta Masoch nodded slowly, trailing off.

"And? This bitch is crazy!" Riffster growled. "She stabbed me in my goddamn leg with daggers made out of shadows! You think for one second-"

His last words were rendered ether. An sliver of ice pressed against his throat. Senta Masoch had pulled out a dagger so fast that even his electric enhanced senses could not detect it.

"I don't like woman-haters." she sneered. "Watch your tongue...or I will wear it as a garter."

"I apologize...your Majesty." Riffster breathed. " psychotic."

Senta Masoch pulled the dagger away and rose to her feet. "We take her with us. She is a Sandalbearer. She would know all of their weaknesses. And Strengths."

She held out a silver, calculator-sized device and pressed a button. Before them, a silver disk opened, a portal to the Syndicate's secret headquarters. Without fanfare, the dangerous Swallow Agent walked into the portal, vanishing.

The Riffster knew better than to let their new captive awaken with her powers. He unbuckled her Enhancement Sandals, took them off, looped the straps together, and hung them from the belt of his costume. Then, slinging her flaccid form over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes, he walked through the disk.

As if phantoms in a horror tale, the nightmares of society disappeared into ether.


The Khree Crusader known as Crystal Century would had died of embarrassment if it was possible. The self-proclaimed Buffoon straddled her like a horse now, paddling away at her defenseless, mini-skirted bottom. Each swat sent a ripple of indescribable pleasure surging through her graceful physique, a wave of hot orgasmic fire that engulfed every nerve in her body. The world danced before her eyes as she skitted about on hands and knees, practically blind.

"Toro, Toro!!" The Prince of Pranks guffawed insanely, swatting his human steed harder. Crystal could do nothing but scream in ecstasy, her mind seemingly trapped within a horny human vessel.

Then her radiant emerald eyes fell on a storefront window and her reflection.

Her body was still not hers, or she would have formed the words, "Great Entropy!"

The once proud Oran Khree Void Captain looked upon a debased creature that had become nothing more than an Earth villain's plaything. Her eyes became glistening green pools. She had to fight the super-aphrodisiac. She had to defeat the Buffoon!

The Venusian Vixen, the once proud Champion of Venus, was depending on her. The Union was depending on her. The galaxy was depending on her.

Vamp was depending on her...Vamp...

She inverted herself mentally, searching for the most humiliating thought she could muster, something that surpassed the situation she was in at the moment. Her eyes then returned to the reflection, focusing on the clown-like man humiliating her.

She remember Vamp, softly caressing her legs, in their first encounter. Back then, she was a rookie Khree Policeman, and a newfound wielder of her Sandals, facing off against one of the most dangerous beings in the universe. Vamp was a Shadowelf who worshipped the Terror From Beyond The Stars...Ward.

She had tried to bring Ward's nilistic philosophy to Ora. But Crystal had been ready...or so she thought. Vamp had beaten her easily. She was the last left of the assault forces gathered to face the elf, the shining star...and now they lay dead around her. Her remaining Icebreaker Pistol, pointed at Vamp's black heart, was easily pushed down by the Shadowelf as she leaned over to kiss her new enemy.

Crystal Century was in shock, her green eyes jade ovals, her hands trembling around the gun. Vamp's tongue slipped through Crystal's lips and she...and she...

Ecstasy transformed into rage...and Vamp had replaced the Buffoon as the rider on Crystal's back. Snarling, practically frothing at the mouth, the Subzero Spacefighter dropped bodily to the ground, whirled onto her back, and brandished her twin trademark pistols, twirling them like a Terran cowboy before aiming them directly at her tormentor.

Before the bizarre man could even respond, Crystal Century emptied her below zero payload, unleashing a barrage of white energy bullets that lifted the Buffoon clearly off his feet. As he hit the ground, sliding a few yards, his entire body was coated with ice, transforming him into a steaming ice statue.

Crystal gasped a sigh of relief, her bountiful brown breasts rising and falling rapidly as she regained her breath. She tried to move, but could not, still trapped in the throes of the super-aphrodisiac. A few feet from her, the slumbering Jazmon fought a battle of her own, manifesting through her very limbs warring with each other.

"Crystal!" a shout reached the Spacefighter's ears. She turned her head, just in time to see the winged warrior Angelus and the marine fighter Neptuna float down and land before her.

"You guys..." she cooed, gasping erotically. Her grip on her Pistols stiffened as she fought the urge to massage between her legs.

"Suffering Shitfish..." Neptuna brushed a hand through her emerald braids. She had managed to regain her turquoise hot pants, although her overlarge breasts remained uncovered.

"By the poor, poor soul..." Angelus knelt beside the shivering Crystal and caressed her face compassionately. Suddenly, her pink halo floated over the downed Khree Crusader.

"I can heal her, Princess." The Winged Wonder rose to her feet and gave Neptuna a warm smile.

"Deus Ex I love thee..." Neptuna nodded, giving her a thumb's up sign.

"Excuse me?" Angelus's white eyebrow rose curiously.

"Get on with it, hugs n kisses." Neptuna snapped, stalking over to where Jazmon lay, fighting with herself.

"Angel Soul Revitalization!!" Angelus screamed, twirling around once and pointing at Crystal's prone form. A column of multi-colored sprinkles floated around her, causing her hair, loincloth, and wings to toss about by an unseen wind. The rainbow sprinkles gathered above her head like a spectrum-esque cloud, and suddenly funneled through the pink halo. Transforming into glowing pink hearts, the cloud engulfed Crystal Century.

Her body suddenly became still. A few seconds later, she was sitting up, blinking back tears.

"Thank you, Angelus!" she hugged the winged woman. "Thank you!"

"Don't thank me." Angelus grinned, her halo returning to its place over her head in a flash of pink hearts. "Thank the Galactic Creator. Praise be!"

The two new Unionnaires joined their Earth counterpart at the side of the unconscious Mental Mistress.

"Can you heal her?" Neptuna crossed her arms over her chest, her voice tinged with concern.

Angelus shook her head sadly. "Whatever is afflicting the Vixen From Venus...her ally is only the Galactic Creator now..."

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