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Dusty Video Box Presents: The Syndicate of Carnality: Act One

The Syndicate of Carnality:
Act One
Written By The Unknown Fan

Even without her Enhancement Sandals, the gray-skinned sensation, known to the blue planet she adored and protected as the awesome Venusian Vixen, was cursed with what all of her mind-reading race suffered from: empathy. It was uncontrollable, a mammoth, piercing wave of naked emotion that overwhelmed her, drowning her in heart wrenching pain and sorrow.

As her hand pressed the icy surface of the glass tanks, her silver lips trembled insignificantly, damming her lamenting. Before her was the source of the empathy: the other five members of the Union of Heroines...the magical marvel Crimson Conjuress, the mysterious crimefighter MitKnight, the kunoichi warrior Lotus, the sea princess Neptuna, and the golden maiden Cleopatra...floating lifelessly in the shimmering blue liquid, frozen in suspended animation.

They all were naked, save for their Sandals that could not be removed, and their bodies distorted beyond recognition. Their collective breasts had grown sperical, nearly the size of watermelons, while their stomachs ballooned as well. This was a result from an encounter with the alien pair of Xeneen and Agalayana, Moterians who had come to Earth to challenge the Guardians of Good. Their secret weapon had been a parasitic worm from another dimension, which had the ability to infect female hosts and transform them into birthing machines. Earth's champions of justice had been easily overcome by the orgasm-causing worms. If it has not been for Jazmon's immunity to the worms, the Union would have been pet queens for the aliens.

The Gray One exhaled deeply. Wasn't it always this way? She was always the survivor. From her home planet to the deep, horror-filled bowels of Ward's dungeons, she was the last one standing, the final piece on the board. Why was her life worth more than her friends and family? Why did she deserve to live while others died? Why was she continuing to step over dead bodies?

"Fight Club."

Jazmon brushed back the lengthly strands of her trademark silvery hair from her eyes and locked on to the short woman in the lab coat standing behind her. The Venusian had been so wrapped up in worry about her friends that she did not even hear the woman's thoughts when she approached.

"Excuse me?" Jazmon gave her a puzzled look.

"Sorry. Force of habit." the dark-skinned woman chuckled, her red bangs bouncing. "I lost my Mom , Dad, and Grandfather to cancer."

"I'm...sorry to...hear that." Jazmon whispered, flashing her a genuine look of remorse.

"No, no." the short woman walked over and grasped the larger Venusian's muscular shoulders. "I didn't mean to depress you more. What I mean know, the inevitable is the inevitable...distration is the name of the game, keeping your mind occupied, elsewhere...not focusing on the bad things."

"Great Tor...are you reporting..." Jazmon trailed off, her silvery eyes brimming with hot tears.

The short woman smacked her own forehead and grinned weakly. "God, I'm terrible at this 'socializing' thing. No, your friends are fine...for the most part. We don't know exactly what to do...but they aren't dying, dead, deceased at all. Preggers...but the suspended animation is keeping their biological systems frozen."

Without warning, the Vixen swallowed the smaller woman in a massive hug.

"Affectionate, aren't we?" the smaller woman laughed.

"Thank you, Professor Swan." Jazmon told her, releasing he from the embrace.

"I haven't walked on water yet, supergirl." Professor Swan said cautiously. "We breaking down the solution, little by little. But until then, you're all that is left of the Union, Venusian Vixen."

"Do not worry." Jazmon told her, her gaze returning to her friends floating in the tanks. "I have assembled a few...'allies' to...'hold the fort' until Cleo and the others get better."

"A new team of Unionnaires?" Professor Swan's brown eyes widened with interest. "Well...are you going to reveal them to the public?"

"I do not know." Jazmon sighed. "I just...I just feel as if I would be betraying my teammates if I...simply replace them."

"Fair enough." Professor Swan stuffed her hands into her lab coat pocket. "Will they at least be stopping by the lab to visit?"

"I think they are out absorbing the general culture of Earth." the Venusian said matter-of-factly. "I could contact them if you wish-"

"That won't be necessary." Professor Swan cleared her throat. "So...they are aliens, huh?"

Jazmon nodded. "When I escaped my former master...I found many of them on my flight to this solar system. One even helped me escape from a sex slave colony in the Andromeda Galaxy."

"Crazy." the smaller woman marveled with a low whistle. "Sex slavery in space...'space women so hot, they melt the intergalactic chains'..."

A small smile tugged at the Venusian's lucious lips. "By the Supreme Lord...are you mocking me?"

"I'm like half your size." Professor Swan laughed nervously. "Even without your mental abilities, you could tear me in half with your bare hands."

"The motion picture known as The Usual Suspects." Jazmon suddenly said with a grin.

After a second, Professor Swan's eyes blinked with recognition of her opening statement. "Keyzer Soze is better than Tyler Durden? No way that's a better movie twist!"

The Mental Mistress's attention returned to the tanks, to her friends, this time with a smile on her face and warmth in her heart.


"Why are they looking at us?" was the question that left Crystal Century's ruby lips as she and the Shadow Elf known as Vamp walked down the busy streets of Metro City. Was it because of her transparent front crop-top, that showcased her volunptous breasts? Her tiny silver-plaid schoolgirl flirt skirt that proudly displayed her long, lean, muscular legs and thighs? Her twin blue Icebreaker pistols that glistened in her gunbelt, complete with a redesigned Union symbol(a golden star surrounded by a silver ring)? Her red domino mask across her beautiful dark brown face? Or her clear Enhancement Sandals, with flashing silver platforms?

It could not be either of the above...for Earth had several Sandalbearers as guardians, not to mention that as the cosmic police captain on her own planet, Ora, her uniform was simply regulation.

Yet the humans on the street regarded the purple-haired beauty with bizarre looks.

"Why are they looking at me like that?" she asked her companion for the third time. "It is as if I'm a Trilomon with five heads!"

"Because you seem to lack the concept of a human modesty." the fair-skinned elfin woman replied. Contrasting Crystal's long hair, Vamp's black locks were short, with the exception of two long red bangs on both sides of her forehead that reached her thighs. Her lithe body was clothed in reflective and tight black leather...a black and red corset and matching pants, with her revealed skin covered in strange black symbols. On her feet were black Enhancement Sandals with blood red platforms.

Vamp refused to wear the Union symbol. In truth, she was the infamous 'Rogue Sandalbearer' of the only known selections by the Rave to rebel against their directives and turn to evil. As a controller of shadows and darkness, she had become a thorn in the Union's side when she discovered them on Earth. In order to gain aid from Vamp for her ad hoc team, Jazmon essentially had made a deal with the devil...she would let the Shadow Elf do whatever she want in the rest of the galaxy, as long as Jazmon and her friends did not pursue her.

"You're not hiding yourself among them!" Crystal snorted. "Your ears are out and everything!"

"I'm proud of my heritage." Vamp pointed at her pointy ears. "They are just symbolizing my devotion to my lord Ward."

"Great Galaxies!" Crystal spat. "How in the name of the Milkyway can you worship such a despicable creature?!"

"Easy." Vamp smirked, stopping Crystal with a hand between her shapely cleavage. "My master's commandments are simple...kill, rape, and pillage. Take what you want and leave scraps for the rest."

"Nilistic hedonism." Crystal growled. "Taking your selfishness to the nth degree..."

"Yet something stirred in you, didn't it, Officer?" the Shadowelf twirled her companion around and pushed her gently against a brick wall. "You had me dead to rights at home. And yet...I escaped? You don't hate me as much as you hate yourself..."

"It was either you or that...spaceship full of innocents..." Crystal's green eyes narrowed at her companion.

"You liked what we did...before that final showdown..." Vamp seductively licked her dark blue lips, pressing a silencing finger to Crystal's own.

"No! No..." Crystal whispered, noticing a crowd of onlookers gathering around them. A few wolf whistles reached her ears, causing her brown face to blush.

"Do you...see it now?" Vamp leaned over and whispered in her ear, sensually brushing strands of Crystal's purple hair from her face. "Ward is freedom. To do what you want...when you like who you want..."

" of me..." Crystal barely breathe. Vamp took the silencing finger from the Spacefighter's lips and brushed it gently beneath her microskirt. Crystal closed her eyes with a shiver of erotic pleasure, a shrill, tiny gasp escaping her lips.

"Rules are for losers, Khree female." Vamp chuckled. "You only have one life promised to you...why spend it trapped by regulations and doing what other beings want you to do?"

Unknown to the two heroines, another superpowered being agreed with Vamp's sentiment. Watching from the rooftops above, he was clad in a black trenchcoat and hat. As he glared angrily at the unfolding scene, his blue eyes lit up with sapphire electrical sparks. He had learned that the Union had somehow been defeated.

Who was this rape meat?

He cackled silently. Whoever they were, they would not stand a chance against the Syndicate.


The ideal introduction to a person, place, or thing was not exactly rocket science. True, one would need the perfect environment, perfect timing, and perfect presentation to craft the ultimate positive first impression. But chance, and its uncontrollable counterpart chaos, played a much disproportionate role to the proceedings. The key was opportunity: seizing it, wielding it, exploiting it.

As he watched the bizarre situation unfold between the Shadow Elf and the Subzero Spacefighter, the criminal known only as the Riffster slowly place a cigarette precariously at the corner of his cracked lips and lit the tip with a flash of his shimmering blue eyes. He took a calm drag. Chaos. The Union had introduced chaos into his underworld life, shattering his sex slavery ring to pieces, along with his other criminal endeavors. His self-confidence was torn down even further by Neptuna, the sea’s Revenging Daughter; her electric eel abilities easily eclipsed his own. She even stole his powers from him, rendering him meek and mortal for months on end.

That was until HE came into the picture. Of course, the Riffster would never admit it, but even if this lawless messiah had not made his presence known within the prison, the despicable dynamo would have latched on to any powerful inmate to save himself from being raped in the showers. It was an example of the ideal introduction: chance, timing, environment, and perfect presentation. Among the naked unconscious bodies of the Aryan gang members, the Riffster watched his savior, spellbounded by his words and his face, hidden in the mists of the heated showers.

His new boss preached about a world without superheroines. A world where naked cunts of justice marched, defeated and dejected, through streets, covered in cum, humiliated before the very public they protected. The Riffster wanted such a world, and was willing to fight for it. The icing on the cake was the very idea that his new benefactor returned his powers, twice as strong as before.

“Ssssssshhhh…should we move now?!” a muffled voice whispered into his ear. The Riffster took his index and forefinger and held it before his face. A bolt of sapphire lighting illuminated on his fingertips, enabling him to tap into and respond on radio frequencies. Unlike the others, he needed no communication device.

“Hold on…” he exhaled a small cloud of smoke.

“C’mon…my pies are getting cold…” the voice whined in a squeaky tone.

The Riffster sighed, wondering why his benefactor had stuck him with the most insane of their diabolical ensemble. Unlike the others, the person he was speaking to was not motivated by the simple things in life, like revenge, sexual thrill, or money. He simply thought it was yet another joke to play out.

“Live Wire out.” He snapped, taking one last smoke of his cigarette and tossing it to the rooftop, grinding it under his boot heel.

“‘Live Wire’ wha?” the voice questioned before Riffster mentally severed the connection. His duster billowing behind him, the dynamic criminal surveyed the scene below him, with Vamp erotically pressing against Crystal Century, drawing the attention of everyone on the street.

The sensual elven female had pushed Crystal against the glass window of one of the stores, and was caressing her up and down erotically, much to the delight of most of the onlookers in the gathering crowd. As Vamp’s hand settled on Crystal’s transparent crop top, threatening to un-tie it and release her breasts, Crystal’s hand reached one of her guns in the holster. Like a Terran movie cowboy, she pulled it from the holster, twirled it on her blue fingernailed finger once, and shot it at Vamp.

A white beam of energy erupted from the futuristic blue pistol, suddenly striking the elf in the center of her voluptuous bosom. She gasped, frozen in place for mere moments, before suddenly dissipating into nothingness. Standing behind the fading figure was the real Vamp, who grinned wickedly and clapped her hands.

“Great Entropy! “ Crystal Century growled, brandishing both pistols. “You sinister galactic miscreant! I should have arrested you cycles ago!”

“If you have the guts, Khree cunt…” Vamp beckoned with a black-nailed finger.

"What are you two doing?" a new voice interrupted their confrontation. Two pairs of alien eyes stared up at a lovely vision of a gray skinned muscular female floating above them, her shimmering ivory locks billowing around her shoulders like an unseen wind.

"Vamp...I've told you..." Jazmon trailed off, her transparent heels noiselessly floating to the sidewalk as she smoothed the wrinkles from her tiny purple microskirt.

"The Khree started it!" Vamp teased, licking her dark azure lips seductively. "I was just minding my own business, when she simply flung her cunt in my-"

"How are your friends, Mistress?" Crystal asked Jazmon, concerned etched on her masked face as she holstered her pistols.

"Lady Century, I've told you..." The Gray One smiled sadly. "I have no rank here on Earth, only on Venus."

"Force of habit." Crystal said sheepisly, patting the back of her head. "Khree Void Diplomacy and all that..."

"As for the Unionnaires..." The Mental Mistress nodded towards the excited mumuring crowd. "It seems that you two are it so far."

"I'm going to rape every man on Villus 5, Vixen." Vamp taunted her. "I'm going to break their ruler, make him crawl on his knees, and perform oral sex on me for twenty four Earth hours...and broadcast it for free in seven star systems. still want my help."

The Psychic Princess said nothing at first, bowing her head and looking away. Then, after a few seconds, she sighed, her volunptous breasts bouncing, before replying, "Do as you will."

"I know." Vamp grinned sinisterly with an exaggerated thumbs-up sign. "I just want that pretty mind of yours to choke on that."

Suddenly, Jazmon glanced at her archenemy with silvery, pupiless eyes. The ground suddenly surged and cracked between them. An invisible blast of wind caused Vamp's lengthily red tendrils to waver violently.

"However." The Vixen's words gained volume with each step towards Vamp. "If you harm any of my friends...or any of the natives of this planet...our 'agreement' will be nullified. I will boil your memories and shred your personality to scrap. You will wish you were still in that prison the Rave had left you in..."

"Okay, the ego tossing is done." Crystal stepped in between the two, halting Jazmon in her tracks. Vamp, failing to hide her fear, glanced about her position and noticed the large cracks around her feet and the concrete wall behind her, caused by the Vixen's telekinesis running wild.

"Great Tor..." The Gray One gasped. "What have I done...?"

"It is fine..." Crystal began, before a second interruption took her words. A pie suddenly flew from out of the crowd, smashing her in the face.

"Sweet Starblazers!" the Subzero Spacefighter instantly drew one of her pistols. "Who threw that?! Who?"

"My telepathy is picking up...a familiar pattern..." Jazmon's face wrinkled in a mixture of recognition and horror.

"HOHOHOAHAHAHAHA!" a harsh, bellowing laugh sent shivers down the crowds and the assemblage of Unionnaires' spines. The crowd parted in terror, most of the spectators taking off in a dead run. What was left behind in the chaos was a simple, short man, clad in a roughshod, patchwork suit and grungy clown paint.

"Who is this piece of human DNA?" Vamp growled eagerly.

"By the Supreme Lord!" Jazmon exclaimed. "It is the Buffoon!"

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