Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Real World Commentary -5/15/13

       One of my best friends always told me about this joke from legendary comedian Paul Mooney, which bears some cleaning up beforehand, but basically  involves the news media tailor-made for African Americans, involving "dancing flapjacks across the screen", among other hilarious things(from a Black perspective). This comes to mind for me when I notice the lack of coverage of the recent Mother's Day mass shooting in New Orleans, in an African-American-centric parade...maybe its supposed to be "black" news only.

Then again, there was some coverage...more on a "by-the-way" level. Piers Morgan mentioned it at the end of his broadcast two days ago, and when Headline News didn't have their collective heads buried up Jodi A-what's-her-name behind(yes, we know, she did it...pull the plug on this braindead media monster) we recieved maybe fifteen seconds of a video of a African-American gunman shooting wildly at the crowd. But nothing else about it. I was expecting at least two days of coverage from the major cable networks, with those Roger Corman-inspired names for whats unfolding. You HELD IN CAPTIVITY or something for the coverage of Castro guy and those poor women he held for ten years...or MASSACRE IN SANDY HOOK for the last mass shooting that ended in the deaths of those innocent elementary students.

But...nothing. No interviews with the New Orleans residents, no play-by-play on what unfolded, no national search for the gunman, no pictures of the 17 victims(which included two children) Roger Corman title. If that doesn't tell you about how the media views people of color, nothing will.

I can hear collective groaning, but its true. People want to claim that the lack of coverage was because no one died, or the gunman did not have automatic weapons. But remember that mass stabbing a few months back on one of the college campuses? Yeah, THAT was given a Roger Corman title. No one died there, and yet HLN, CNN, and Fox was given you indepth looks at the situation, interviews with the man who stopped the perp and everything.

As I type this, Anderson Cooper is back in Boston, talking about the bombings. NOT that this should not be covered...but did Cooper go to New Orleans after the shooting? Did he interview any of the victims?

Of course not.

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