Monday, February 18, 2013

Lil Tidbits - 2/18/13

Hi, Vidkids, how's the world treatin' ya? It's catch-up time!

  • Over the last few months, since I've gained cable(well, satallite), I'm finally able to keep abreast with the only sport I truly care about: Pro Wrestling! Whether it is World Wrestling Entertainment or Total Nonstop Action/Impact Wrestling, I'm there off and on here, I'm going to share my opinion on some things like:
  • WWE's The SHIELD and TNA's Aces And Eights...both companies are currently involved in invasion angles...and while I'm sure there was a lot of eye-rolling going on, let's face it, just like any other story medium, tropes will always be recycled. So sure, there will always be one NWO(New World Order), but the storyline itself will be used over and over. The general idea is not how unoriginal the idea is in and of itself, but what original touches one can add to it.
  • The Shield is pretty interesting as agents of chaos, proclaiming dispensing justice when they are pretty much beating up on various babyfaces, and in many cases, acting more as plot devices(for example, interrupting a match between two characters that if either lose, they would lose the momentum needed to make them either unstoppable(Ryback, for example) or credible threats(Antonio Cesaro)). I'm possibly the only fan in the world that wanted Brad Maddox to be the secret leader of the crew(as members of the group and Maddox originated from WWE's training grounds, NXT), but this was proven false when SHIELD attacked him two weeks ago. The last I heard of the Shield was that they were participating in Elimination Chamber last night against the superteam of Sheamus, Ryback, and John Cena.
  • Aces N' Eights, who are presented as an outlaw motorcycle gang, complete with lingo, are probably more similar to NWO than their WWE counterparts, parasitic in their recruiting(Ken Anderson and Devon are among their ranks) and a threat against the company in general. While I honestly like the concept of an invasion group with identities hidden behind masks, I hate the idea that many of the members revealed over the last few months(Mike Knox, Drew Hakinson(i.e. the big guy of the Straight Edge Society)) are generic big guys. And apologies to these men, I'm not trying to insult their wrestling abilities or their entertainment value, just that the crew would have been more interesting if their ranks were a mixture of various wrestling styles. What I mean is...what if we had John Morrison, Evan Bourne, Rikishi, Elijah Burke, and Chris Jericho as the masked wrestlers, i.e. wrestlers with distinctive styles? Just saying...and I'm sure the smarks could figure out even greater wrestlers that would have been more interesting as masked members of Aces N' Eights.
  • I was hoping WWE Main Event would show more of the lower tier wrestlers like JTG and Yoshi Tatsu, but it has usually been the same type of matches as the prime shows. While this is wonderful, it is dreadful at the same time. For example, I like both Randy Orton and Wade Barrett, I like these guys when they are fighting together...but to have them fight each other seven times in two weeks with no storyline? Crazy!  And again I mention JTG and Tatsu...I would rather see both become heels.
  • I wish WWE would push Cody Rhodes. The guy has potential to be a main eventer, imo. Besides, I'm exhausted with Wade Barrett/Randy Orton Battle Ten. While I'm on the subject...Zack Ryder isn't that bad either. And what happened to Christian, Alex Riley, and Mason Ryan?
  • And let's let Naomi Knight wrestle some more!
  • I'm glad to see Mark Henry, Jericho, and Jack Swagger back!

Other Tidbits:
Hansel And Grethel: Witch Hunters was awesome.

I have as PS3 now...been playing Heavenly Sword and WWE '12.

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