Monday, January 21, 2013

"Blackout '77" Reviewed In British Fantasy Society

Ah, the Presidental Inaguration was cool and it is a beautiful Martin Luther King's Day. Been wanting to post this for a while...been looking for some reviews on "Aliens Among Us" in general, and "Blackout '77" in particular. After all, I want to get better, and constructive critism usually helps.

Looking around the 'net, I found a wonderful review here by David Brzeski. For "Blackout '77", he says:

<"A case in point is ‘Blackout ’77′, by Melvin L. Hadley. It’s a very good story. It could have been a better one, with a little judicious editing. Betsy Rowangartner, unwisely decides to go outside with a guy she just met at a club. She quickly finds herself involved in a secret war between “The Man” and a teenage superheroine. It’s Hippie paranoia meets anime. It’s well-written for the most part, but the editor should have caught the incorrect use of the word “untrustworthiness” and the absurdly pretentious description of the lighting of a cigarette.">

I'm glad someone is reading the book!

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