Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dusty Video Box Presents: Overmaster Wars: Delta City Doomsday Posting Soon!

I been pillaging the vaults as Public Domain Superheroes for the current project I'm working on, which is a sequel to my Jungle Girl story. Since it has yet to be published, I can't say much about it, but long story short, there are a lot of current open source characters created by many creators out there in cyberspace, and they look awesome. So right now, I'm throwing my hat, or I suppose, Overmaster's helmet into the ring. That's right...Overmaster is now an open source character, to be used in any story you wish. Just give me, M. Hadley, credit, okay? In between working on my latest short story for Metahuman Press and preparing for my first novel(again), I will write out an entry for Overmaster and submit it to the Public Domain database.

Anyway, this entry is about a new version of my Overmaster Wars story, Delta City Doomsday, which, a few months back, was going to be called Emperor. Actually, Delta City Doomsday was the name of the first act of Emperor, but now, since the advent of my professional career, I decided to write what I could and leave the rest in limbo. Who knows...maybe when I have some spare time, I will be back with more. Also, decided to keep this storyline seperate from The Sound Of Great Thunder for many reasons...originally, I was going to link them together in the same giant storyarc, but then I thought about the differences.

I originally wrote Great Thunder to compliment Brad Chung stories...like a megacrossover for his fictional universe. So, I wrote it in the spirit of his stories, with his influences. Delta City, on the other hand, was strickly all me with the exception of the Protectors. In here, I have Paulposer's Shining Star, Angelic_Kitten's Halo, B69's Sundancer, and a few others. The only constant is that Chung's Thunderbolt Woman had a huge influence on the Protectors and was the original leader of the 1970s team.

Thus, Overmaster Wars is now a metaseries, just like the Gundam anime. Just like you have several series with the same story but vastly different elements(for example, Gundam Seed versus Gundam 00), you have Great Thunder vs. Delta City Doomsday.

So, over the next few days, I'll be posting the story for our Vidkid readers, hoping to not chase anyone away. There is some erotic elements in the story, but the influence of the whole concept is 1970s superheroines and the Fembots from Bionic Woman, as well as chloroforming superheroine fiction.

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