Monday, November 14, 2011

Just Awesome Cinema: Capsule Reviews - 11/14/11

I have to apologize...been very busy, trying to put together my novel, among other real life things that occupy us. After a few weeks, I thought against the idea of continuing The Syndicate of Carnality, although in its place, I'm thinking about writing a one-shot rebooting the Overmaster Wars franchise...bringing back Overmaster Wars: Resolute. A few months ago, I was against the idea of more Overmaster stories, mainly because I was worried that it would take attention away from my novel. But, more on that later; I'm here to talk about movies!

  • Immortals: It seems that the unreliable narrator of 300(the same studio produced both) told this mishmash of Greek Mythology, which is supposedly focused on Theseus's legend(famous for the labyrinth and the Minotaur). However, only names are lifted from the ancient source material, and, similar to the Clash of the Titans remake that preceded it, is so far distorted that it could easily be considered an original Greek myth in and of itself. Also, just like Titans...the so-named "Titans" do not resemble their mythological counterparts in the least. The film tells the story of Theseus's(Henry Cavill)conflict with King Hyperion(Micky Rourke), a Conan-esque warlord conqueror who searches for a magic bow that can free the so-called Titans from their prison in Tarturus. Meanwhile, a small cadre of Greek Gods(contrasting with their 12-member counterparts, the Olympians), lead by Zeus(Luke Evans) try to stay above the conflict, hoping that the humans will have the initiative to solve their own problem. If you ignore the fact that the myths are not followed...the movie is pretty fun. It tends to be formulaic at times...King Hyperion as an evil tyrant who castrates his men, tortures virgin priestesses, and sends giant barb-wired wearing bullmen reminds me all to much of the villain of the last Conan film, which I hated. But, the fight scenes were awesome...and I swear, this is the first time I've seen a knock-down, drag out, brutal throwdown with the Greek Gods(well, half of them) going all out. Usually, you'll simply have them sitting around, discussing the affairs of men like at an immortal social club. But here, Zeus and his tiny crew of random deities get down, cutting down the "Titans". I should talk more about this film...maybe I will. I give it a C+.

  • Puss In Boots: It was funny to learn that this was a prequel to the Shrek franchise. I don't know...I thought judging by this film, the Cat in those leather boots could make a good character to hold a franchise of his own. Voiced by Antonio Banderas, Puss's film focuses on his origin story, rising from an orphaned kitty, to a local hero, and later a disgraced champion, while in a friendship with Humpty Dumpty(Zach Galifinaikas). Still bitter at Humpty when the two meets again years later, Puss is convinced to join the eggman and his accomplice, "cat" burglar Kitty Softpaws(Salma Hayek), to steal the magic beans(of Jack and the Beanstalk fame) and grow a beanstalk, scale it, and steal from the Giant's Castle. This film is much darker than the Shrek films, and seem to have concepts and jokes aimed at an older audience. For example, Jack and Jill(yes, the pair that went up a hill) are gangsters, and Jack...wants to settle down and have kids. In the end, this movie is wonderful, and fun for the whole family. A+.

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