Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It Came From The Video Store!: Red Hook(2009)

An agoraphobic college student, a scavenger hunt across NYC, and a killer in only a University of New York hoodie are the awesome ingredients weakened in this sub-par, predictable slasher film with a Dawson Creek-esque soundtrack. It does have its moments, however few.

The Front Row: Jenny(Christina Brucato) is a new freshman at the University of New York with a dark past: as a child, she watched helplessly as her older sister was murdered by a uniformed police officer. On her first day on campus, she meets Angela(pronounced AnGELa and played by Hollis Scarborough), her drama major room co-habitor; rude and high-minded journalism student Paula(Karla Mosley) and her "lackey"(Alex Brightman), stereotypical blond Camille(Karissa Staples), her boyfriend(Brian J. Smith) and his romantic rival, Higgenbottom(Debargo Sanyal), obvious hot lesbian Deena(Frankie Shaw), and potential love interest Gavin(Tate Ellington). This lovable cast is soon embroiled in a scavenger hunt, courtesy of Tim(Bryan Fenhart).

Box Of Whoppers (The Delicious): Some of the dialogue is pretty funny, whether its Jenny admitting that she is scared of AnGELA when the latter posts a note to not come into the room until 6:45, or Deena admitting she likes chicks that are "bigger". There are also a good tiny twist involving a hold-up at a corner store. There are also some good scene-setting shots of the good 'ol Big Apple.

Sticky Floors(The Nasty): Red Hook...is frustrating predictable. Sure, tons of my favorite slashers, like Andre The Butcher, are predictable...but there is always some kind of hook that transforms the film from mudane to fan-favorite for me, like the all-around goofiness of the film and the cheerleaders. Here, there is nothing; The hoodie killer's identity is so obvious from the second he is introduced that you would want to strangle someone for not following up with a mandatory twist. Hell, I was praying for one here.

While I enjoyed some of the quirks of the cast, the exploitative hound in me would have loved for a lesbian relationship to spring between Deena and Jenny, instead of the simple teasing...that would have been that "hook" for me. Of course, this shouldn't be a detriment for the average fan.

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