Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Dusty Video Box Presents: The Overmaster Wars Playlist!

It's Halloween time once again at Dusty Video Box, and I'm eagerly counting down to the day of Samhain, the day when the dead eagerly walk the Earth, and ghost, goblins, superheroes, and other assorted fantasy denizens surge forth, on a quest for candy. So for the season, I'm having Halloween-themed posts. And what better post to start with than Overmaster Wars? After all, Overmaster was inspired by the big bad monsters of the 1970s and 1980s...the Freddy Krugers, the Jason Vorhees, the Chuckys and the Puppet Masters.

So, for Halloween, I thought it would be awesome if I put a soundtrack of sorts together, thanks to the spectacular posters who upload wonderful tracks on Youtube. If it was not for their hard work and generosity, I would not be able to share these inspirational tunes with you.

1. "The Synturion Rises" (Uploaded By Poohsraresoundtracks)

2. "Stalking Supergirl"(Uploaded By Terrorificman666)

3. "Chloroform Hunt"(Uploaded By Daishuryou)

4. "Overmaster's Back"(Uploaded By RobbLowwOne)

5. "Knockout Nightmare"(Uploaded By Terrorificman666)

6. "Thunderbolt Woman Theme"(Uploaded By RapSince99Sucx)

7. "Synturion Assault"(Uploaded By Daishuryou)

8. "Overmaster Theme"(Uploaded By PureZezima)

9. "Thunderbolt Girl's Down"(Uploaded By Soundtrackstation1)

10. "Synturions Rise Again"(Uploaded By nachox508)

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