Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Real World Commentary - 10/5/11

It's finally happened...and I've already doomed myself by celebrating it. I now have my own Internet connection! Thus, I will be able to keep Dusty Video Box updated way more often, like my heroes at HousetoAstonish! Of course, since I'm hard at work on my first novel, the features will come slow, but as long as I have some sort of Information Superhighway connection, I will provide as many distractions as I can!

What's coming up is more personal Dusty Video Box Presents, reviews on superhero comics on the stands, and more movie reviews. I have, for example, Savage County to talk about. And then there is a planned Awesome Cinema feature on Bitchslap! Between that spectacular exploitation nugget of goodness and Sucker Punch, it has been an exquisite film year for yours truly so far. Now...if I can only get a good cheerleaders versus cannibals movie...

Anyway, let's kick off this occasion with a few bulletpoints:

  • I'm planning to start reviewing superheroine videos on this blog as well...well, as soon as I can afford the funds. It makes sense a writer, I specialize in superheroine stories, so why not review them? Also, these videos have a grindhouse feel to them. I'll be hitting up Ultimate Superheroine Forum for producers, as well as checking out sites like Project: Superwoman,, and Goddess Cinema.

  • Speaking of Ultimate Superheroine Forum, I sort of put together a story called The Syndicate of Carnality: Original Sin, based on the heroine characters of The Wrath of Ward. Essentially, the story is sort like a #0 issue of a comic series, or a television pilot for test audiences. I haven't recieved any feedback on it; however, I'm thinking of maybe writing a chapter or two on the story, which will be much tamer in the vein of Overmaster Wars, as opposed to the rated-XXX stuff that took place in the original stories. Also, look for a "sketchbook" of sorts on the characters in Dusty Video Box Presents.

And Now...Comicbook Rants:

  • The New 52: Looking through DC Comics' New 52 free catalog, one cannot help but shudder on multiple levels. First, the mass rebooting, on the heels of DC's quiet summer crossover, Flashpoint, which surely had more fanboys than yours' truly throwing his or her arms in the air in disgust. No more Lois Lane/Clark marriage! All of the heroes are young and naive again! Sigh. The only two books I've purchased out of the 52 so far is Green Lantern and Justice League. Lantern continues where the last series left off, which is kind of confusing with the rest of the general direction of DC's linewide imperative. Are we going to see a reintroduced origin for "Highball" Jordan as well? And my gosh...Stormwatch? Static Shock? DC has always had a tradition of absorbing heroes from defunct companies into their fictional world, but that isn't always a good thing. Just look at the Big Red Cheese, Captain Marvel...where is he now? At the bottom of the barrel.

  • Spiderman is Another Race: Give. Me. A. Break. We're talking about ULTIMATE Spidey, an alternate universe counterpart of the mainstream one. Apparently, the original Ultimate Spidey died in battle, so another person has assumed the role...a half-hispanic, half-black teenager named Miles Morales. Please. Yes, this is something to be celebrated, as a non-Caucasian character obtains the spotlight; yet, this is hollow, as we are talking about an alternate universe. If Marvel really want to take strides, to have big brass balls, then let's see you do that to Spidey in the mainstream universe! Let's see Miles Morales in that Spiderman film reboot, and let's see him fighting alongside the Avengers! Until then...don't waste my time. I also find it funny that while Ultimate Spidey is coming out with a cartoon series, Miles won't be the main character. The Caucasian Spidey will be.

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