Monday, February 28, 2011

Lil Tidbits - 2/28/11

There has been a little "unfocusness" on this blog, mainly around Overmaster Wars: Resolute. And possibly for a few days, you saw a rough storyline on the subject...yeah, sorry about that. I kind of did the posting on the spur of the moment, and then second thoughts crept in. When I think about it, I think any Overmaster Wars story wouldn't be right without Brad Chung's characters anyway. It would be the equivalent of doing Transformers without Optimus Prime and Megatron(would that be Go-Bots, lol?); its more than just the characters the "flavor" of the story as well. So if I did write this story? Thunderbolt Woman would be in it. In fact, I would use some of the other characters that I did not get to use, like The Lappe, The Lynx, Super-Eagle...and Amazing Woman(created by No Name and Superstories). Amazing Woman would have been part of the 1970s Protectors, and, unlike the others, not have a weakness of chloroform. If there are any superhero chloro-fans who would love for me to tell the story, I could...

  • The only thing holding me back on that Neutron feature I keep promising is that I want to have photos in the feature. I don't want to just write about it...I want it drenched in photos. But since I don't have the resources will be a while.

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