Monday, February 28, 2011

Dusty Video Box Presents: The Blue Playlist

Being a writer can be somewhat frustrating, especially when I can't really talk about my projects with anyone in depth, let along even utter the names of the characters without a mountain of intelletual property protection. So instead, I've decided to put together a Youtube playlist for you guys to rock out on, basically the same playlist I'm using for inspiration for my current novel project. These songs are various J-Pop and J-Rock songs, pop songs and rock songs from Japan. Yeah, they might not be in English...but who has to totally understand the words to jam?! I mean, do you get mad at instrumental music because there are no words? Anyway...enjoy The Blue Playlist!

  1. Hikari Sasuhou by Back-On(uploaded by dragonkill1987)

  2. Haruka Kanata by Asian Kung-Fu Generation(uploaded by Darokun12)

  3. Identity by Sacra(uploaded by 9fuck9you9tube)

  4. Rewrite by Asian Kung-Fu Generation(uploaded by MGVguy)

  5. Again by Yui(uploaded by vladimird55)

  6. Hoshi Akari by Jyukai(uploaded by oikyan)

  7. Kimi ga Sora Datta by Misato Aki(uploaded by BlazesLover)

  8. Michi to you all by aluto(uploaded by tictactoe20e)

  9. Go!(Fighting Dreamers) by FLOW(uploaded by kindgirlz1)

  10. Tomorrow by Shimokawa Mikuni(uploaded by MeGotNoLife)

  11. O2 by Orange Range(uploaded by ktaskishima15)

  12. My Will by Dream(uploaded by Tenchikins)

  13. Seishun Kyousoukyoku by Sambomaster(uploaded by KageShinobiWarrior)

  14. Crystal Energy by Kuribayashi Minami(uploaded by cikonos)

  15. One Day by The Rootless(uploaded by YujiSetsuna)

  16. Hikari no Rock by Sambomaster(uploaded by ichiban109)

17. Obokuri - Eemui by Ikue Asazaki(uploaded by silmanarmo)

18. Kutso Himo by Asami Yamamoto(uploaded by princeuriko)

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