Friday, April 2, 2010

Dusty Video Box Presents: The Ultimate Sukeban Gang Part 3

I now wrap up this series with the final members of this ultimate Sukeban-lead girl gang. Now you are a purveyor of pinky violence, or at least have limited exposure like I have experienced, then you must be wondering: where is Reiko Ike? Why isn't she part of this crew?!

If you don't know who Ike to your nearest video store and pick up the awesome Sex and Fury((thanks gletko)which also has my girl, Christina Lindberg in it, from Thriller: A Cruel Picture). Reiko Ike is the main character, a pickpocket who is so good at what she does that she steals without even meaning to! But I digress. She is well-known as the rival to Miki Sugimoto's character in many of the sukeban films. In Lynch Law Classroom, for example, she plays a rival Sukeban, who walks into the classroom, pushes the teacher out of the way, and challenges the Boss with The Cross to a duel!

Why she's not included in my Ultimate Sukeban Gang is simple...she would be one of the main antagonists, a rival character to Noriko and her posse. Maybe initially, she was part of the crew, but broke away and formed her on gang of delinquent girls.

Anyway, moving right along...the rest of my spectacular crew of delinquent schoolgirls would include:

My seventh pick is: Yukino Yajima

Played by: Akie Yoshizawa

Application Status: The most Japanese-ladylike(i.e. having the qualities of a traditional Japanese woman) out of the three main heroines of 1987's Sukebandeka feature film, Yukino seems to be a girl of privilage and sophistication. In fact, she is getting ready to study abroad in England before being stopped by Kyoko(Marbles Okyo) to rejoin her and Saki for the mission to "Hell Castle". Her quiet and reserved personality seem to be a foil to Saki and Kyoko's more aggressive personas. In fact, on a group of such aggressive personalities, she would easily serve as an intellectual voice of reason.

Skills: To show her blend of ladylike qualities and martial arts skill, her main weapon is a tea ceremony cloth. However, in the movie, she uses razor-sharp nail tips to slice her foes. And should know by now, I'm not making this up.

Paraphenlia: Just those nail tips and that tea ceremony cloth. That's enough, isn't it?

My eighth pick is: Ami Hyuga(cue the Naruto jokes), Machine Girl

Played By: Minase Yashiro

Application Status: 2008's Machine Girl has a premise cooked up with yours truly in mind: A normal Japanese high school girl, Ami Hyuga, finds her world shattered when her brother and his friend are killed by Sho Kimura, the son of the leader of a ninja-yakuza family(ninja-yakuza. Just let that sink in) and his bully friends. When Ami tries to go get revenge on the family, she, after a bloody(and I mean gory fight), she is captured by them, and gets her left arm chopped off. She seeks shelter with her slain brother's slained friend's mother, who builds a high-powered machine gun to replace her left arm. Now, if that don't make you smile, you are not a B-movie fan.

Skills: She's a good hand-to-hand combatant, taking on Power-Ranger-esque ninjas, and other awesome crazy villians. And her greatest weapon, the Ash Williams-like machine gun is just crazy cool.

Paraphenlia: A machine gun where her left arm used to be. Enough said.

And that, my friends, are my selections for my Ultimate Sukeban-lead Girl Gang. There are tons more candidates to choose from, but I love my selection already! There are thoughts for other selections soon...I've been toying with the idea of a Blacula-lead Legion of Doom, made up of exploitation villains for my next piece...or the Ultimate Jailhouse Gang. Stay tuned!

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