Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dusty Video Box Presents: The Ultimate Sukeban Gang Part Two

We continue with our installments of the ultimate gang of Japanese delinquent girls, lead by the Boss With The Cross, Noriko(played by Miki Sugimoto). I forgot to mention in the last post that Saki Asamiya's, the Sukeban Deka(or Deliquent Schoogirl Detective) links to the government via the Sukeban Deka program, would give the group some immunity from your typical Japanese authority figure. Thus, if they run into another girl gang trying to challenge them on their home turf, for example, they wouldn't have to worry about running from the cops. The cops would basically look the other way with this gang involved, and would even help them; after all, with this gang wiping out the competition, crime would become extinct soon enough!

So, let's continue in building this street-fighting force:

My fourth pick would be: Kyoko Nakamura, Marbles Okyo

Played By: Haruko Sagara

Application Status: My exposure to Marbles Okyo is even more limited than Saki Asamiya's. She is prominant in the 1987 Sukebandeka feature film, which essentially continues from the television series of the same name. Here, when introduced(or reintroduced initially in native Japan), she has become bored with her civilian life, and very eager to return to fighting criminals with Saki. She later assists in the mission to rescue two delinquent students from "Hell Castle", a horrific reform school on an island, where the students are being brainwashed to become sword-wielding soldiers.

Skills: They don't call her "Marbles" for her hairbob. Just as Saki is deadly with her yo-yo, Kyoko is a crack shot with marbles. That's right, marbles. In the film, she demonstrates her skill in the third act, laying out machine-gun-totin' soldiers with a flick of her fingers, and from miles away. Thanks to jaytiki on Youtube, here is a scene demonstrating how dangerous she is:

Paraphernalia: Just give her a bag of marbles. She'll go all Green Arrow and lay out buckets of goons for ya.

My fifth pick would be: Kyoko Kubo, Sappho of The Street

Played By: Seiko Saburi

Application Status: According to the ol' trusty Wikipedia, Sappho was an ancient Greek poetress, whose name and place of birth(Lesbos) has become synonymous with romantic love towards another woman. Remember in the early 1990s, when every comic company was putting together superteams like Lego blocks? Like, you had the powerhouse, or the big muscle guy, the speedster, the stoic leader, and the eye candy, the sexy female member? Well, in this line-up, Kyoko is the Temptress. Her skills are not for the battlefield, but for manipulation.

In Terrifying Girls' High School: Lynch Law Classroom, Kyoko's skills shine best when she ambushes one of the main members of the school's peer disciplinary council in the bathroom, groping her erotically in the stall. For the wee ones tuning in, I'm not going to go into details, but let's just say after a few well-placed kisses, "Sappho" got what she wanted from the girl. Later, said girl is punished viciously...the punishment involved a light bulb and push-ups, and I won't go any further.

Skills: She's not call Sappho of the Street for nothin'. Her sexual charms and skill are potent enough to make one of the main disciplinary committee members temporarily turn against her crew to help her.

Paraphenalia: Her smile.

My sixth pick is: GoGo Yubari

Played By: Chiaki Kuriyama

Application Status: Wolverine. Sentry. Batman. Some comic superteams have those members that are so frightening, so crazy, that their fellow members go out of their way NOT to make eye contact with them. In this gang, Gogo Yubari, from Quentin Tarentino's Kill Bill saga, would fill that position. Gogo is demonstrated in Kill Bill Volume One, she has no qualms with killing even innocent people, like the harmless drunk man in the bar that she slices open with a katana. She's fearless as well, challenging the Bride(Uma Thurman) to a battle, despite the fact that the blonde warrior had demonstrated her sword skill.

Skills: Gogo seems to demonstrate some martial art skills in her battle with the Bride, as well as skill with the meteor hammer and the katana. Her most dangerous skill, however, is her penchant for ultraviolence and her blood-thirstiness.

Paraphanelia: To be honest, while she wields the meteor hammer in the movie, I would rather see her use the katana. I can picture her going into a beserker rage against the gang's enemies, and Noriko having to calm her down...

Well, two installments down, and maybe one or two to go...I don't know, I'm having fun. Feel free to comment, exploitation hounds!

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