Monday, April 19, 2010

Lil Tidbits: 4/19/2010

  • I've found some kind of Internet USB "stick" to give me unlimited Internet access, so I hope to be able to not only have access to quick Internet searches for my stories, but also be able to have more entries for this blog. So don't be surprised if you see my Ultimate Cheerleader Squad(as a balance to my Japanese-centric Ultimate Sukeban Gang) anytime soon.
  • I'm currently preparing for my first novel, hope to have my first story sold soon.
  • What's up with having email addresses and not replying? I know I'm being unprofessional here, but three weeks ago, I emailed at least 20 people in various positions in the film industry. My reason? I have an idea for a movie for the home DVD market, and I want to pitch it. I would rather get some support behind me before I embark on writing said film, instead of the other way around. Still, haven't heard anything from anyone; I approached Asylum Home Entertainment through four different emails, and no answer. It amazes me that it is really this hard to get a B-movie for the home DVD market sold. I mean, have you seen the films I've seen? Death on Demand? Mega Shark? Transmorphers? Gingerdread Man?
  • Code Geass was wonderful...easily in the top 10 anime I've seen in my lifetime up to this point.

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