Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Update - 8/28/2013

Hey, Vidkids!

It's been a while since I've last updated, and I apologize. Been busy putting together all of my sites online, all of my stories. Also putting thoughts into putting more Real World Commentary here, like my thoughts on the unfortunate Trayvon Martin. But then again, its covered on my deviantart page, in the Journal section.

Again, if you want to read The Syndicate of Carnality, you'll have to check it out on my deviantart page. If I get some requests, I will post it here. But, running the concept over in my mind, both Syndicate and Delta City Doomsday are written similar to the famous G.I. Joe five-part pilots, like the ol Pyramid of Darkness mini-series.

Yeah, both stories are pilots, although there is no guarantee that I will continue with either, because of professional work. Speaking of that...I finished the story I was working on, a space story in the vein of Planet Comics and Starcrash. Yes, I said Starcrash. I adore exploitation cinema and B-movies, and this movie, which I recently viewed on Epix Drive-In, was awesome. Stella Star needs a sequel, man!

My story uses characters from Planet Comics, like Gale Allen, Amazona, and Mysta of The Moon, in this crazy B-movie-styled adventure against a galactic threat. The only problem? I technically did not finish it. I left it at a cliffhanger, and as of this typing, I have to proofread it and refine it a final time. In truth, the story was supposed to be 15,000 words, and for Metahuman Press. However, it's growing bigger!

I decided to put in a stopping point, and focus on my first novel again, the one I choked on last year. This also means the short story sequel to Blackout '77 is on hold as well, the one that was going to guest-star Elvis. Maybe I'll put what I have written so far on here:).


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