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Dusty Video Box Presents: Overmaster Wars: Delta City Doomsday: Act Two

Overmaster Wars:
Delta City Doomsday - Act Two

The bestowing of the name "Dirty Pair" to the team of Halo and Golden Angel was a longshot joke originating from Dexter Strange's Anime Calvacade on Saturday mornings. The source of the joke was two space heroines codenamed "The Lovely Angels"; so destructive were they in completing their missions that their rather grim subsequent nom de guerre was well earned.

Of course, Halo and the Golden Angel were rather efficent and non-destructive in their crusade against crime in Delta City. Thus, in truth, "Lovely Angels" were a perfect fit for the marvelous metropolitian duo.

And that's what made their "Dirty Pair" nickname even more ironic and hilarious.

In Halo's, also known as Gabriella's case, she could not help being angelic. It was literally part of her nature as a being from the Heavenly Plane, sent to curtail evil on the third planet from the sun. Her celestial nature manifested outwardly as well, with luscious, long, golden locks that gleamed in the moonlight, practically reflecting a reflection. A beautiful, flawless face, with shapely ruby lips, joined a sleek, slender, delicate form in the epitome of graceful beauty.

A unique skimpy yellow gold bra wrapped around her svelte neck to reached her mid-section, forming an oval that teasingly showcased a bit of her breasts. Her bare, meek but taut abdomen led to matching yellow gold bikini panties, with the minimist of gold string holding a tiny, heart-shaped bikini patch over her nether region. A matching small yellow gold sash fluttered majestically around her curvy waist, drifting in an unseen wind.

Yellow gold bracers were strapped tight around her wrists, while golden sandals glistened on her feet. Completing her unique ensemble was a gossamer-like yellow gold cape that drifted about her shoulders as if it had a mind of its on. While the Angelic Avenger cut quite the erotic figure in the costume, she was more dependent on it than she let on. For the bracers, sandals, sash, and cape were her angelic raiments, the only way she could keep her angelic powers in her now mortal form.

The bracers provided her angelic super strength, while the sandals maintained her grace. The little sash allowed her to keep her superhuman endurance and stamina. However, the cape was the most important raiment of all.

It was the manifestation of her beautiful white wings in clothing form. Without it...she would lose the most precious thing of all to an angel.

Her partner, the Golden Angel, was a raven-haired warrior extraordinaire, her curvy composition well musculed in some places, and well-shaped in others. A mistress of the martial arts, the Golden One was never without her trademark Golden Katana, a wonder weapon above all others, practically indestructible in battle. Her shoulder-length black locks, tinged with gold highlights, framed a solumn but regal face, accented by a large golden tiara with a star in the center and stark, dark red lips.

A golden pendant, shaped like an angel, dangled between a shapely cleavage that was clothed only by a scanty golden-scaled string bikini bra. A thick, light gold sash adorned her slender waist, while matching golden-scaled bikini panties gleamed behind shiny black pantyhose that showcased well-sculptured legs and shapely feet with fire-engine toenails. These feet were shod in sparkling gold high heeled sandals, with strings that wrapped up to her knees.

The two, newcomers to the world's greatest superheroine assemblage, The Protectors of Justice, sat clandestinely on a rooftop half a block away, watching Yoshiwara from the outside for any signs of activity. They had no idea about the minute details of the proceedings, only that the bulk of Delta City's underworld had been assembled there under mysterious circumstances. Meanwhile, the leader of their team, the Sleeked-Legged Beauty known as Shining Star had sent the pair to keep watch, and to alert the team if something was going to happen.

Hearing paper rattling close to her, Golden Angel took the binoculars from her tired eyes just in time to see Halo delicately devouring a Twinkie. Or, it was the nice way to say how the Heavely Heroine was eating the sugary confection.

"See, that proves that God has a sense of humor..." she chuckled, taking up the binoculars once again to spy on Yoshiwara. Outside, a dozen of business suited men had assembled at the front of the strip club.

"What?" Halo sensually lapped the sweet cream filling with her tongue, licking her lips afterward.

"You're supposed to represent the man upstairs, but here you are trying out for "Debbie Does Deep Throat 28"!" Golden Angel grumbled.

"But, its good!" Halo retorted jokily. "They say where I come from that mana is sweet...but nothing beats this yellow, soft, goodness!"

"Girl, you're even starting to sound like the commercials!" Golden Angel chuckled. Her golden sandals twinkled as they kicked the air in a childlike manner. She was sitting on the edge of the rooftop, nonchalantly facing a hundred foot drop to the unrelenting pavement below.

Gabriella was lying on her front, her legs and feet kicking the air. " you like the Protectors?"

There was a long silence, as Golden Angel was focused on the growing mass before the strip club doors. Silva's goon squad.

"They're fine." she said at last with a sigh. "Thunderbolt Woman, Shining Star, White Venus...the others...I'm okay with them. As long as they have my back, I have theirs. That's what all this is about, right? Fight the fight that no one heroine can do by herself?"

"I can sense feelings, Golden Angel..." Halo rose up on her haunches. "I can sense when things are bothering mortals...I mean, people. If I'm prying-"

"You're not." Golden Angel pulled the binoculars from her face and stared into her partner's eyes. "We came in together. I'm used to being the lone wolf...yes, it is cliche, but its the truth. I need you. I need the Protectors. I need...this."

Halo grinned. "What I need is more Twinkies."

"Who'd thought? An angel with a sweettooth..."

"Well, not necessarily. I hate Angel Food Cake."

"I..." Golden Angel started to laugh before she returned the binoculars to her eyes and gasped. "Something's up. The cockroaches are stirring..."

"Cockroaches?" Halo asked, visually puzzled.

"Just a figure of mortal speech." Golden Angel said without moving. "Silva's thug army is charging into the club. That means something is going down..."

"I remember Sundancer saying that his golden cufflink can summon them." Halo quickly rose to her feet. "We have to summon the others-"

"No time." Golden Angel solumnly pulled the binoculars from her face and placed them on the rooftop. "We have to get closer...get inside to see what's going on-"

"We're part of the Protectors now, GA." Gabriella said. "We need our friends in this endeavor!"

"Look..." Golden Angel stood up and faced the Heavenly Heroine, her arms crossed over her bountiful, near-naked bosom. "I did not come here to observe and report. If we are to eradicate injustice in this city, we have to be about action...not waiting-"

"GA-" Gabriella started, but her fellow Protector held up a hand.

"I'm not saying I won't contact Shining Star..." she said as she touched her communicator earring, linking up with the Golden-Haired Crimebuster at the secret Citadel of Heroines.

"Shimmering Stars!" the leader of the Protectors exclaimed nervously over the link. "Good to hear from you, Golden Angel! I was beginning to worry about the Dirty Pair!"

"Sorry, boss lady." Golden Angel rolled her eyes impatiently at Gabriella. "We finally have movement. Something's going down at Yoshiwara."

"Anything in particular?"

"Don Silva's monkey-boys pulling a 'Cobra!' on the place." Golden Angel reported.

"Okay. I'm sending Nightfall and Sundancer for backup. Stay put." Shining Star ordered. "Don't make a move until they have arrived. This operation can be overwhelming...and I don't want anyone hurt."

As the Protectors' leader signed off, the two superheroines looked at each other in silence, not knowing how to react next. However, before Halo could part her lips and ask the meaning of her partner's last statement, the Golden Angel broke the silence.

"Let's get going." she turned in the direction of the club.

"Didn't you hear Star?" Gabriella practically wailed. "We wait here for backup-"

"I didn't hear her say that." Golden Angel flashed her partner a wicked smile.


"What if...they are torturing babies in there? Poor, poor, innocent cherubs, that tender, untouched baby flesh..."


"Or what if..." Golden Angel leaned close to Halo's ear and practically whispered. "They are worshipping your old friend in there..."

"Old friend?" Halo raised a questioning eyebrow.

"Lu-cy-fer..." Golden Angel stressed the word omiously. "Devil Worshippers."

"No!" Halo shook her head, her golden tresses flying furiously.

"I'm going to fall off of this roof...and if you don't catch me, I will splatter myself on the sidewalk."

Before the Angelic Avenger could respond, the Golden One took one step off of the roof, and plunged over the side.

"Oh Lord!" she exclaimed. Within seconds, her gossamer cape suddenly transformed into a set of the most majestic wings an angel could ever possess. With a sigh and a thunderous flap of her wings, the angelic mortal known as Gabriella plummetted towards the ground, swooping to catch the Golden Angel seconds before impact.

"You are a creature of wickedness!" Gabriella screeched exasperately as the duo flew over the streets towards the club.

"I know." Golden Angel smirked. "Good girls are always drawn to the bad ones."

The daring duo entered the smoky, shadowy confines of the Yoshiwara strip club to the throbbing beat of "Cult Of Personality" by Living Colour. Resistance was offered by no one; there was no person behind the desk to take their fee, and no giant bouncer to obstruct them.

Not that it would have been a problem anyway. Their skimpy crimefighting ensembles would have easily rendered them interchangable from the employees.

Golden Angel's face twisted into a grimace of disgust, an uncontrollable reflex action. "A scum place for scum kings."

"Hey, there are positive beings here as well..." Halo gently fussed, brushing a glossy rebellious strand of blonde from her face. "The girls work here only to provide for themselves..."

"Look, Mother Theresa." Golden Angel crossed her arms and faced the Angelic Avenger. "Newsflash...women can find high class occupations in this day and age."

Halo shrugged. "Only the Creator can judge, GA. Seriously."

"Whatever." Golden Angel pivoted on her heel and took the lead, down the darkened corridor and towards the main area of the strip club. Her pace initially quick, she began to slow to a crawl as she drew near the open, oval shaped portal that led towards the stage area. Timidly, Gabriella followed her led, still a novice heroine compared to her more experienced partner.

Suddenly, the music stopped rattling the walls.

At that same moment, Golden Angel's Katana materialized in her waiting hand. She hugged the wall, trying to make herself as invisible as possible as she slowly peeked around her corner.

"What do you see?" Halo whispered apprehensively, mirroring her.

"Quiet!" Golden Angel hissed, shifting the sword to her right hand, while trying to press herself even tighter against the wall. No sound. There was no sound of talking, no anything.

Just eerie, suddenly overwhelming silence.

Just as the Golden One had painstakingly slipped an eye around the corner, something leaped before her, sending a paralyzing dread through her body. Gabriella clasped her hands tightly over her mouth, the color draining from her face as she stymied a scream.

It was a Bee Girl, one of the supermodel subordinates of the Queen Bee, beaten and bloodied. Her scanty yellow and blue striped leotard was in tatters, her bruised breasts and body bare for all to see. She was barely able to walk, clambering painfully on all fours like a tormented beast that had just escaped Hell itself.

"You gotta help me!" she sobbed, her face a mosiac of tear streams and smeared golden makeup.

"By the Ancestors!" Golden Angel gasped, her Golden Katana slipping from her fingers and clattering to the floor. Both arms free, she tried to grasp the collasping Bee Girl...only for something else to take up the task. A skeletal, silvery bolt of lightning wrapped around the girl's neck and snapped her backward with such speed that it took both Protectors a full minute to realize what they had just witnessed.

An arm. The Bee Girl was grabbed by a silver arm.

"My Lord..." Halo marveled, fear overwhelming her beautiful face.

Suddenly, the music started up again, now "We Are The Champions" by Queen...and an eloquent male voice that seemed to radiate from everywhere spoke to them.

"I was getting lonely here." it said. "No one wanted to come to my victory celebration...but you two. Come, come...let's feast, and be merry!"

Halo nervously bit her lip while Golden Angel knelt down and picked up her katana with slick, sweat-drenched fingers. However, an exchange of worried glances followed by a nod of resolution restored their courage. Holding her Golden Katana with both hands before her, preparing to slice through anything, the Marvelous Martial Maiden known as Golden Angel stepped around the corner, quickly followed by Gabriella. The brave Heroine from the Heavens posed courageously, hands on hips, side by side with her fellow Protector.

The two stood in the doorway, failing to hide their shock of what was revealed before them. The huge interior of the strip club was empty; no patrons sat at the small tables. However, in front of the stage, sat an being in stylish blue armor from head to toe, with a black regal cape, and a wicked set of devil horns that seemed to reach the ceiling. His chair was another unique story.

It was living...made up of the top criminal masterminds of Delta City, all protesting loudly and angrily, all tied and twisted together in the form of squirming furniture. Don Salvador Silva, the most powerful and despicable criminal of all...was the main seat of this strange, armored man that reclined casually before them, seemingly undaunted by their appearance.

"Who are you?!" Golden Angel shouted, holding her Katana threateningly at him.

"What's your first impression?" the armored man reclined his head in his hand and regarded them casually.

"You are a madman..." Halo declared with an accusing finger.

"What happened to only God can judge, Gab?" Golden Angel shot her a sidelong glance.

"He is using the Protectors' greatest enemies as a love seat!" the Angelic Avenger retorted.

"Yes. The angel is right." the armored being smirked. "Although you call it a 'love seat'...I call it utopia."

The "Dirty Pair" exchanged confused glances.

"It's not that hard, supergirls." the being shifted his weight, causing the Master of Ceremonies to squeal, his head being used as an armrest. "I've accomplished in one night what you've failed for your entire existence. I've captured every single villain in this town, essentially locking them up and throwing away the key. I've ended the neverending battle, don't you see?"

"So what are you...some kind of hero?" Golden Angel taunted mockingly.

"There are things called laws, my friend!" Halo crossed her arms and glared at the armored man. "What you are playing at is judge, jury, and executioner...not the type of game my friends and I are interested in."

"Those fiends you're using as a cushion are the lowest of low." Golden Angel stepped forward, her Katana flashing. "They have trapped us, humiliated us...even raped some of us. But...and I can't believe I'm saying this...really...but they deserve the fullest protections the law offers!"

There was silence between the two parties for minutes, filled by the thunderous booming of Queen's "We Are The Champions". Soon, it was replaced by "Crazy Train" by Ozzy Osburne.

And that's where the being began to laugh, a sickening, sinister cackle that drowned out the music itself.

"You idiots." he growled when he finished. "I didn't clean up the streets just for the sake of benevolence. I'm simply getting the riff-raff out of the the Protectors of Justice can be...all mine."

Suddenly, six pairs of spotlights flashed, blinding the angelic duo. When Halo's eyes cleared, she could see three things standing by the side of the seated armored man. They were silver in color, completely skeletal with the exception of their torsos, with a well-sculptured bosom gleaming in the flashing lights of the strip clubs. The spotlights were originating from their eyes.

"Put on some music I can chloroform by..." the armored man waved to no one in particular. Seconds later, he was rewarded by "Thriller" by Micheal Jackson.

"Indeed." he chuckled as his sleek, silvery androids stepped towards the brave Protectors.

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