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Dusty Video Box Presents: Overmaster Wars: Delta City Doomsday - Act Three

Overmaster Wars:
Delta City Doomsday: Act Three

They were the titans of the modern age, beings that moved about on a level unobtainable by modern man. Every minute gesture was grand, every miniscule breath epic; in truth, their very existence decided the fate of least, within the Delta City limits.

The standoff lasted mere seconds, but in the adrenaline-heighted senses of the two Protectors, it seemed to drag for hours. Their silvery foes, the epitome of mad science and malicious ambition, crouch slight towards them, their slender, cold, metal fingers audibly clicking as they clenched and unclenched in a flashing blur. The Dirty Pair glanced at each other, swallowing their anxiety in unison while mentally bathing in their raw fighting instinct.

They had a duty to do. They had to protect this city from this strange, new criminal horde.

Golden sandals flashed as they hit carpet, followed by the tip of the deadly glowing katana dragging directly behind them. Golden Angel was point woman, the head of the charge, the one to shatter the silent confrontation. With a sharp cry, the squeal of a siren, she raced forward, both hands on the hilt of her downward pointed weapon, the tip sparking as it easily sliced the carpet and scrapped the floor underneath.

When she was a mere inch from the feminine monstrosity, she sliced upward with all the strength at her command, aiming for one lethal blow. The blade moved so fast that it seemed to resemble a golden mist, shaped in a half-sphere. However, her slender arms quivered violently by a blocked blow. Her dark, ruby lips curled in a snarl, failing to hide astonishment. Her narrowed copper eyes locked on to the blank spotlights of the skull face, and the glowing blue lance that had seemed to appear from nowhere. The light from the weapon bathed her sweaty glistening body in a soft, sapphire glow.

As the two combatants locked in stalemate, the Angelic Avenger known as Halo dashed from behind Golden Angel, lashing out with a blurring haymaker at one of the other two skull-faced figures. The target easily dodged the punch, and returned with an expert jab of its own. Moving with the extraordinary grace of her immortal status, Halo danced around the attack, and the many others that quickly followed in rapid succession. She resisted the urge to cry out in amazement; the blows from the being were undoubtly superhuman, and so fast that she was getting whiplash.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the other lunge at her. Her graceful left leg extended into a perfect roundhouse kick, sending the silvery female thing stumbling back a step...but only a step. Hiding her astonishment, the golden yellow-clad superheroine focused on the enemy before her...or tried to focus. Suddenly, the darkened interior of the strip club became wavy, and her arms and legs began to feel heavy. Her actions seem to slow, her limbs failing to obey her commands. And then it happened.

Two heavy blows to her abdomen, literally ripping the air out of her body.

"Gabby!!" Golden Angel screamed, her ensnarled attention costing her the faceoff with her enemy. A wave of near-invisible steam overwhelmed her senses as the silvery menace pushed forward, still holding the lance against the sword. Unable to regain her footing, the Martial Arts Maiden found herself being pushed back uncontrollably. Her lengthy mane of hair fluttered furiously as she quickly glanced behind her.

She was nearing one of the tables!

Quickly timing the seconds before her back would hit it, she increased her backpedal. However, she failed to take the silvery fiend off balance. Just as her back was about to slam into the table, she pushed forward on the balls of her feet with every fiber in her being, sending the creature reeling rearward a step. Then, she somersaulted backward, barely missing the glowing lance being sliced into her body. She landed neatly into the table, both hands on her katana, held forward in a defense stance.

"Gabby, get away!" she screamed to her friend. "They have chloroform radiating from them! You are being chloroformed...and you don't even know it!"

Sadly, Halo's senses were nearing orbit, her mind wrapped in the blankets of numbness. She had collapsed to her knees, nursing her stomach and wincing in agony. Without warning, her assailant raised its silvery foot and sent a resounding kick across the angelic superheroine's jaw. Golden Angel could only watch in horror as her friend's golden head twisted inhumanly. Without a sound, she fell to the floor in a flaccid heap.

"Gabby!" she wailed, choking back a sob. While she was feeling the affects of the anesthetic as well, Golden Angel had built up a slight tolerance to the heroine hazard. Halo, on the other hand, was a nearly minted mortal and novice heroine, with no resistance offered by her heavenly nubile body.

Her reaction time was still active, although operating at the lowest ebb. She returned her attention to her adversary just in time to clumsily dodge a rising knee attack to her face. As time slowed, the deadly silver knee whizzing past her nose, she sensed more movement out the corner of her eye, and the telltale flash of silver that she had begun to dread.

She tried to raise her sword to defend, but the other silvery skeletal woman tackled her with terrific strength. She was literally taken off of her feet and flung into midair, the thing holding tightly to her midsection. Carried clear across the club, their momentum was halted by the wall behind the bar...and the hundreds of glass bottles adorning it. Golden Angel's horrifying screech of agony was drowned out by hundreds of liquor bottles and the glass display shattering in a symphony of violence.

Slowly, Halo's eyes drifted open, sensing her friend was in danger. A trickle of blood flowed from her split bottom lip, dripping to the floor. Woozily, her head raised, eyes blinking rapidly as she lethargically began to crawl across the floor. However, a heavy silver foot pressed down on the small of her back, cementing her in place.

"!" she wheezed the words. " Angel..."

However, the silvery creature quickly straddled the angel's prone mortal form and wrapped her arms around the upper part of her body, pulling her backward. Cold metal fingers, devoid of organic warmth, tauntingly wrapped around the strips of Halo's bra and tore them without much fanfare. Then, it arched Halo's back even more in a camel clutch, causing her now naked breasts to jut directly forward at attention.

And since the human body did not bend in such a fashion, such was the passionate response of the Angelic Avenger.

"GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAHHHHHHHHH!!!" she screamed, tears streaking her pale cheeks.

Silent while the battle unfolded, the man in the armor, seated on the living heads of Delta City's underworld, said. "More."

The silvery being obeyed, bending Halo backward a little more.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" she wailed, sobbing uncontrollably.

"Say...'I am a devil'...and I'll let you go." he said, his head reclined in his right hand.

"Nooooooo!!" Halo cried defiantly. "I am a soldier…a servant of my Lord! I will…NEVER say that!!"

"When I'm finished with you…I will BE YOUR LORD!" the man boomed. "Again!"

"AGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" the angel screamed as the silvery being obeyed its master. It felt as if her entire top half of her body was being torn off.

"Play 'Stuck In The Middle With You.'" he said, watching nonchalantly as his greatest creation physically torture the most hated thing in his existence.

In the DJ's booth, the stripper who had dined with Don Silva just hours earlier, frantically obeyed her new master, quickly slipping on the Stealers Wheel's song.

However, it failed to cover Halo's painful wails.

Meanwhile, even the most insignificant of motions brought Golden Angel crippling pain. Her consciousness returned screaming to existence, first mentally and then verbally. Her bruised hand clenched and unclenched, earning new cuts from the glass that now covered her entire body.

Whimpering in agony, the Golden One's raven head painfully endeavored to rise from the floor, tiny rivers of liquid warmth flowing down her face. With a trembling hand, she slowly touched her forehead and drifted her fingers into her line of vision. They were stained with crimson...blood.

Her face twisted in suffering, the hurt Protector ignored the sickening crunch of the glass beneath her defenseless hands and knees as she slowly rose up on her haunches. Fighting the urge to close her eyes, she took visual inventory of her body and her surroundings. A couple of sickening red gashes covered her arms and legs, while her pantyhose had been ripped to shreds. Her golden thong had also been torn, essentially rendered useless. Of course, embarrassment was the furthest thing from the Martial Arts Maiden's mind at the moment.

Especially when Halo's tear-rendering cries were intermixing with Stealers Wheel "Stuck In The Middle With You".

"Gabby..." she croaked, her lungs and ribs burning from the tackle of her silver enemy. Her right hand amazingly maintained its grip on the hilt of her Golden Katana. Her left hand, meanwhile, was painstakingly inching its way up the wooden bar, trying to regain the strength to pull its mistress to her feet. However, in her slight delirium, Golden Angel did not pay attention to her adversary standing quietly over her, merely half an inch away.

She paid for this oversight dearly with a powerful kick that sent her bodily through the wooden bar, tearing it in half. Glass intermixed with splinters as the heroine was sent flying across the floor, flopped about limply like a ragdoll. As she came to a stop, unmoving, her glowing Katana twirled through the air after her, landing upright a few inches above her disheveled mane.

Behind her, the silvery female stepped through the hole in the bar, its spotlight eyes increasing in intensity at its bloodied and battered foe, as if admiring its handiwork.

Meanwhile, the man in armor watched the torture of Halo with continued interest. Her agonizing screams were dwindling in intensity; it was not known if it was because of exhaustion or because of seeing her friend lying unconscious before her.

"Change position." he suddenly ordered. "Deconstruct. Evaluate weaknesses."

The silvery skeleton obeyed, letting the worn-out Protector fall to the ground, with the added incentive of slamming her head against it. With pain searing her skull and running roughshod about her tired body, the once proud angelic crimefighter could do nothing but lay meekly and sob quietly.

The silver thing, still straddling her form, roughly flipped Halo over, so she was facing up at her tormentor. Being so close to the skull face practically blinded her. The creature then rose up slowly, its spotlight eyes lancing the golden-haired heroine's graceful form from disheveled head to glossy toe.

"Subject is wearing garments that enhanced physical attributes." it droned in a deep, feminine monotone. "Bracers. Sash. Sandals. Cape. Capacities? Presently unknown."

"Tell me, Protector." the man's voice boomed over the music. "What is the most precious of your garments?"

Halo remained quiet, her shapely naked breasts rising and falling as she fought to regain her strength.

"I'm a specialist at cracking people like you." the man continued. "The wonder women...the supergirls. As my Synturion will demonstrate, I'm pretty good at what I do."

Her breathing increasing in horror, Halo tried to backpedal from between the robotic woman's legs, only to be forcefully held in place. Two panels slid back underneath the Synturion's silvery breasts, unleashing a cloud of blue light orbs that resembled fireflies. Before her astonished eyes, the mist of blue fireflies covered her naked breasts and the area between her legs. Her heart-shaped panties instantly melted by the cloud.

"No...." Halo whispered through dry, cracked lips, unable to move. A icy tingling radiated from her breasts and nether region initially, before a wave of what seemed to be electricity rippled through her body, tinged with euphoria. Her back arched her fingers and toes flexing uncontrollably as her breath was caught in her throat. Her eyes bulged in her eye sockets as her pelvis jutted forward in a seizure.

She wanted to scream, but could not. She wanted to move...but her body was no longer hers.

After a few minutes of the horrifying agony, the armored man spoke once again. "What is the most precious of your garments, Protector?"

Halo's face twisted in a visual battle for control. Her eyes blinked wildly, while her red lips trembled, endeavoring to part. Her will fought to regain her form, but in the end it was for nought.

"!" she stuttered, tears freely flowing from her eyes, the only thing she could control.

"Why is this?" the man interrogated.

" transforms...into my wings!" she sobbed her confession.

"Ah..." the man pinched his chin thoughtfully. "So the angel motif is not just for show. You are a creature from the great beyond..."

"I...I've...never...felt this before..." she found herself confessing uncontrollably. ""

This time her mental effort redoubled, trapping the word at the tip of her tongue. Her forehead wrinkled a visual display of the war with herself. No. She had to fight...she could not admit the truth. She was an angel, and had a reputation to maintain!

"You can't fight it, you know." the man smirked. "Those are microscopic Synturions that have been injected into your body and brain, latching on to the part that controls your motor functions...including your sexual appetites. little wives can manipulate your neurons...basically, you will unconditionally tell me the truth. I have created the ultimate truth serum! Now finish what you were saying!"

"I...I..." Halo tried to grit her teeth, but failed miserably. " feels...good!!"

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