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Dusty Video Box Presents: Overmaster Wars: Delta City Doomsday - Act Five

Hunter Queen is created by Paulposer:

Overmaster Wars:
Delta City Doomsday - Act Five
By M. Hadley

She felt like Daniel before the mouth of the lions' den, or the three men staring at Nebuchadnezzer's fiery furnace, preparing for their doom. Although not of the religious sort, the woman known as Patricia "Trish" Sanders could not help but draw parallels between the biblical situations and her own current one. She was staring down an insurmountable task, an exercise in the impossible. Yet, just as in those tales, where Daniel and the trio were rescued by faith, she hoped to overcome the unconquerable through belief in herself.

She stood timidly before the decorative glass doors of the Silva Tower, formerly the headquarters of Don Silva, Delta City's crime emperor. The highlight of the city's impressive skyline, it was the epitome of human architectural achievement; however, it was also a concrete and glass spire of crime, where many henious acts of inhumanity were carried out. Yet, when the human devil was dethroned from his perch in the criminal underworld, the Tower was not transformed into a haven of goodness.

Instead, an even more wicked devil took Silva's place...and the human-built hell on Earth, 90 stories of compartmentalized chaos, took on even more sinister connotations.

The name the citizens of the fair city knew it by now was Overmaster Tower.

Overmaster. Her friend and teammate Halo had whispered the name so many times that it had been burned into Trish's mind. Even now, the blond could picture the angelic heroine, maintaining an everpresent vigil by the hospital bedside of their fellow comatose friend, the Golden Angel. Trish had visited them constantly, and tried to coax Gabriella to take a rest. After all, she herself had been in a similar situation, when the love of her life, Jack Mactaggert, had been placed in a coma by one of her greatest enemies, the Silk Vixen.

Trish had blamed herself, and had stayed by Jac Mac's bedside twenty-four hours straight, practically ignoring her crimefighting duties and nearly all of her life. She was also burning with an all-consuming desire for vengence, wanting to permanantly stop the Vixen. The hatred and obessession was almost on the verge of transforming her, before her best friend White Venus stepped in to intervene.

Now she was fulfilling that role for Gabriella, who seemed to be rendered unresponsive as well. Only Sundancer seemed to want to talk about what had unfolded in the confines of the Yoshiwara strip club. It was a tale so macabre that even now Trish wanted to second guess her bold undertaking.

*Well, why don't you?* a wizened female voice spoke in her head.

Trish cooly adjusted her eyeglasses while slyly glancing down at her pantyhosed legs. They were shimmering brightly. Danger. She was in a danger zone.

*Superhose, we've been through this-* she mentally spoke back.

*We have to put more planning into this, Star!* the voice argued. *The things I'm sensing...even the great Shining Star won't be able to overcome this challenge!*


*Okay, I maybe laying it on a little thick. Even I have doubts sometimes, kid...I'll have to tell you about how your Gran Evie and I worked our way through them-*

*That's why I'm Trish and not Star, Superhose. Remember?*

*Yeah, but still...this...this is crazy, kid!*

*Crazy as when Sister Octavia threw us out of the window of the Diamond Exchange?*

*And you flew for the first time?*

*It was because of my faith in you, Superhose. You saved my life many times over. We've overcame many challenges. So what is stopping us here?*

*You're right...* the wondrous garment mentally admitted.

*But if this plan is going to have to be more discrete* Trish stared at the brightly shimmering pantyhose on her well shaped legs.

*I'll try, Trish. But, the danger is immense. Overwhelming!*

"I know..." Trish whispered audibly, watching as the Wonderous Superhose on her legs dimmed its shimmer to "normal" levels. The impressive garment, an heirloom from her grandmother, gave her the abilitiy to transform into the Sleek-Legged Beauty known as Shining Star, the champion of Capitol City, and the possessor of the most powerful legs in the world.

Now, she was acting also in the capacity of leader of the Protectors of Justice...and admittedly, needing to prove herself was possibly the reason she agreed to so risky a plan in the first place.

*Ready?* she mentally asked Superhose, brushing a dull strand of blond from her bespectacled face.

*To the ends of the Earth, Trish.* the Uberhosen replied.

Trish swallowed as her hand slowly drew toward the ornamental glass door handle. Just as her fingers were about to touch it, the door suddenly pushed open, and three figures roughly shoved past the young woman. All three were clad in Delta City police uniforms, with one portly, another wiry, and the remainder muscular.

"The son of a bitch won't tell us what he did with 'em!" the wiry policeman growled.

"Fuck that, Chief...did you see that huge freakin' statue?!" the muscular one marveled with wide eyes. "In fact, how the hell did he get it in there? Hell, how the hell did he get all the rooms to be so enormous?!"

"The guy is one step away from a Fantasic Four the hell should I know?" the portly Police Chief spat. "All I know is that there is now this huge vacuum in the underworld-"

"Little far from home, aren't you little lady?" the muscular policeman took notice of the young lady standing mere inches from them. His eyes scanned her attractive form, from her tight t-shirt and short skirt, to her slender legs and high heeled sandals. His eyes lingered on her pantyhosed stems for an uncomfortable long time.

"Oh, I'm here for an...interview..." Trish stuttered a reply.

The trio exchanged bizarre looks before exploding into laughter.

"Seriously, you don't want to be around here..." the Chief's face suddenly turned solumn. "This building...something is wrong with it...some of that Mxyplick stuff-"

"Who the hell?" the wiry cop gave him a puzzled look.

"That little elf/Great Gazoo thing from the Superman comics." the Chief told him. "He came from the Fifth Dimension and could do all of this reality bending shit because he had two more dimensions over us."

"And this is reference to?" the wiry cop scratched his head.

"Reference?" the muscular cop cocked his head and raised an eyebrow.

"The two more dimensions on top of three dimensions. How does that work?" the wiry cop asked.

"Get in the car, bozo." the Chief ordered his subordinates before turning his attention to Trish.

"Look, Miss...this is a dangerous place, so I'm warning you not to enter." he said.

"I'm not the type to shrug off authority figures...but like I said before, I have an interview." Trish told him.

"That stripper is still there in his office, honey." the Chief sniffed.

"And what is that supposed to mean?"

"I don't see any need for anything else. All of those silver fucktoys he builds run everything else. And its a lot, little lady. That Darth-Vader-wannabe has like a whole fucking city in a building. Its insane...I don't even think it is possible to arrest him..."

Trish reached into her pocketbook and withdrew a small business card, handing it to the Chief. He looked over it and responded with a clueless grin.

"Computer Consultant...Instructor..." he read. "Open mouth, insert foot."

"I don't know things you are referring to." Trish smiled slightly. "But I am simply trying to recruit a client in this building. He told me over the phone of no such...changes to his offices."

"Little can't-" the Chief started.

"Good day, sir." Trish spat, flinging the glass door open and walking in without a glance behind her.

"Mysgonistic moron..." she growled after a few steps forward. On her legs, the Superhose began to shimmer brightly, the sensing of impending danger inevitable.

The change was overpowering as Trish continued her trembling stroll down the silent corridor, which was a straight shot into an oblivion of black. The heels of her sandals were thunderous as they clicked against the marble floor, the only sound in the high arched hallway. The overhead lighting was dim, but still adequate enough to make out the paintings that lined the walls on both sides.

As the petite blonde's eyes settled on one portrait, a small gasp escaped her dull red lips.

The scene was of a beautiful blonde in the red, gold, and blue uniform of Shining Star, with both arms and legs tied together on a bizarre torture-rack like device. However, the device was not of ancient design, but instead of a futuristic science-fiction variety, a clear tube was where the poor woman was tied standing straight up, with glowing pink strings bonding her wrists to the top and ankles together to the bottom. Her breasts pointed forward vigorously while her body contorted violently, her mouth was opened in silent scream. Tears flew from her eyes and seemingly matted her wild golden hair.

"Shimmering Stars…" Trish quietly whispered in astonishment. "That's…that's…"

*Evie…* The Superhose finished for her. *That's your Gran Evie…*

At that, the Superhose began to shimmer brightly, uncontrollably, overcome by a memory that had long remained dormant.

*The Graviton Tube…* it whispered harshly in Trish's mind. *It used gravity and anti-gravity to pull…to pull your body apart…he…he was trying to get me off of your Gran, Trish…"


*Yes.* Superhose replied ashamedly. *I'm sorry, kid. I guess even I…even I can be foolish at times. I was hoping it was a mistake that someone or something else was behind the incident at Yoshiwara…*

*Superhose…* Trish reached out to gently caress the artistic rendering of her precious grandmother. She wanted to forget the horrifying image, but it was already smoldering in her mind.

*I should have warned you.* Superhose reprimanded itself. *I should have warned all of you. But…I thought he had died, destroyed forever…"

*Did you-?* Trish quickly turned away from the terrible image, blinking back tears.

*No, Trish.* The wondrous garment answered. *Not I or Evie. But…I can't say that it was not enticing. Although I don't condone murder in any form…it's just…*

*Superhose, I trust you.* Trish mentally responded as she continued down the hallway. *Don't you dare think you have to explain yourself to me.*

*Trish…* Superhose trailed off, not knowing what to say.

As the partners continued down the corridor, another pictorial atrocity caught Trish's eye. This one displayed a quartet of strikingly beautiful superheroines being drowned in an ocean of green liquid. All were trapped in the various poses of life preservation: clawing furiously for the surface, clutching fruitlessly at their throats with bulging eyes, or floating lifelessly in the emerald murk.

"Oh my God…" Trish covered her lips in shock.

*Trish…turn away…* Superhose said quietly, its own voice breaking. *Keep walking. Don't look, kid.*

*What was that, Superhose?*

*Keep walking. Please. Don't ask me what-*

*What was that?!* Trish angrily asked.

*One foot in front of the other.* Superhose replied quietly. *Just keep walking…and I'll tell you. And no tears, Trish. I will protect you…and you will protect me.*

Trish raised her glasses and wiped the tears from her eyes. With a deep exhale, she continued to slowly make her way down the corridor to the ominous black before her.

*Those four Protectors lost their lives when Overmaster trapped them in a special peril in one of his many lairs around the world.* Superhose told her. *It was a coliseum-sized affair…one of them tripped a switch and slammed the entrance shut, sealing them inside. The whole area was flooded with his unique chloroform, sending them to their graves…*

*I can't…can't let that happen to my friends…* Trish's face hardened, her fists balling at her sides. *I won't, Superhose.

*That's why we are here.* Superhose reassured her. *In civilian guise, we can get info on his defenses of his new lair, and at the Citadel, Nightfall and White Venus can gain the schematics of the whole thing through the special earrings you are wearing.*

Trish was about to respond when her eyes fell on another portrait, this one the last before the darkness before them. Unlike the others, which showcased Overmaster's mayhem decades ago, it displayed a young boy standing before a two story house completely engulfed in flames. The boy's physical features were absent, silhouetted by the giant flame before him.

*This seems-* Trish started.

*-out of place.* Superhose finished her thought. *Back when Overmaster first appeared, we saw this picture in many of his lairs. Thunderbolt Woman used to think that it was a link to his past…*

*Maybe we can use this…against him.* Trish mused.

*Maybe.* Superhose agreed reluctantly.

Trish turned, staring into the darkness before her. *Superhose. What can you tell me about this monster?*

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