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Dusty Video Box Presents: Overmaster Wars: Delta City Doomsday - Act Six

Overmaster Wars:
Delta City Doomsday- Act Six
By M. Hadley

As they approached the edge of the blackness, Trish held her breath, waiting apprehensively for the Superhose to begin its story. But, as soon as the wondrous garment was about to begin, Trish took one shaky step into the dark and froze.

A square illuminated where her foot touched the floor. Suddenly, twin blue spotlights flared up, dazzling the petite blond's senses. With a cry, she threw a protective hand to shield her eyes, shaking her head vigorously to clear the white floaters from her sight. As her vision cleared, her mouth dropped in astonishment, emotionally overwhelmed by what was unfolded before her.

She was standing in a giant hall of sorts, with a Grecian/Roman architectural theme and a ceiling that seemingly stretched upwards into the clouds. Directly before her was a giant wooden check-in kiosk, similar to those seen in office buildings. Behind it was a skeletal figure, reflective silver in color, with only a well-sculptured womanly bosom to suggest some kind of gender. The burning spotlight eyes of the inhuman were focused on her, scanning her body from head to toe. It lingered on the shimmering pantyhose on her well-defined legs for minutes before glancing down at the desk.

"Identify yourself." It droned in a feminine, though heavily modulated monotone.

Trish's lips tried to form words, but it was still agape, her attention seized by the astonishing sight that loomed over the silver skeleton and its desk. It was a mammoth statue, literally exploding from the marble-like wall, of a skeletal hand wrapped around the mouth of a masked superheroine in the process of chloroforming her. The gargantuan woman's eyes were rolling in the slits of her mask, frozen at the moment when her poor mind was sent over the abyss into unconsciousness.

*Trish!* Superhose hissed in her mind, reeling her into reality. *Trish!!*

"Er…ahem…" Trish coughed nervously, clasping her hands before her stomach apprehensively. "I…I must be in the wrong…building. I was looking for the Silva Tower-"

"This was formerly the Silva Tower." The skull head looked into her eyes, blinding her with its spotlight ones. "It is now my master's domain."

"Master?" Trish babbled innocently.

"Yes." The skeletal being replied. "Have you come to venerate yourself before him?"

*Say yes, kid.* Superhose coached. *Say yes!*

Trish's face twitched, her lips at war with her thoughts. "Yes." She half snarled, half cooed.

"What faction of this city do you represent?" the strange creature asked.

"Faction?" she nervously bit her lips.

"Surely you should know what faction you are representative of." The metal thing droned. "For example, the Delta City Police are a faction of your city's society-"

"I represent the…er…people." Trish replied.

"In what capacity?" the thing asked.


"Surely you must provide a function as a 'people' representative…"

Trish withdrew a business card from her purse and shakily held it out for the being to inspect. "My name is Tatric-Patricia Sanders…computer consultant and instructor."

The skeletal being did not reach for the card, but instead scanned it with its spotlight eyes. "There is no need for my master to engage in discussions with 'computer consultant'. As an expression of his genius, it is a grave insult for you to perceive his epitome of creation as flawed."

"Excuse me?" Trish's eyes widened behind her glasses.

*Just say you are a reporter!* Superhose hissed. *You are a reporter for a very popular blog of some sort. One thing about our enemy…he is egotistical!*

"I am…not just a computer consultant…" Trish verbally stumbled. "I…am also a reporter. Online. For a blog. That…keeps up with all of the new happenings in town. For the people."

The silvery creature seemed to stare at her for a moment, emulating the very human motion of considering. Then, a rumbling sound was suddenly heard from behind it. The wall directly behind the being became liquid as a giant skull face suddenly slid downward from the giant statue. As it gently stopped at the ground floor, it opened lengthwise, revealing a small elevator-like room. Inside was another skeletal creature, although it was slightly greater in size than its counterpart before it. It also lacked legs, being no more than a torso connected to long green tubes to the back of the elevator.

"Come." It beckoned Trish towards it in the exact same monotone as its fellow abomination.

The disguised superheroine hesitated, a normal reaction considering the extraordinary circumstances. However, the ever faithful Superhose gently coaxed its mistress forward with baby steps. Inching her way into the bizarre elevator, Trish failed to hide the expression of terror on her cute face as the "door" closed lengthwise before her, effectively trapping her within the skull head.

The eye sockets of the skull head lit up as it flowed through the wall upward, carrying its precious cargo to its demonic creator on the upper floors.


"Star? Do you read me? Star?!"

It was taking all of the will of the Amazon Princess, known to the World of Man as White Venus, to contain her overwhelming trepidation. Within the highly advanced Protectors' War Room, located deep within the heavily fortified bowels of the tower-like Citadel of Heroines, she was fortunate to be surrounded by friends. The dark avenger known as Nightfall, the Solarin Siren Sundancer, and Venus's personal assistant Julian were crowded around the massive meeting table, watching the holographic display intensely at its center.

The display was a red gridlike diagram of Overmaster Tower, determined by the information picked up from Trish's earrings. The true nature of the jewelry was that they were miniature stationary probes, utilizing a combination of sonar and laser to construct the interior of their enemy's new lair from the inside. Although one of the pinnacles of the Venus Foundation's Tech Division, its superheroic CEO was finding it very hard to summon up any pride in its capabilities. In fact, she prayed for a failure; an apprehensive glance to the empty seats of Halo and the Golden Angel only reinforced her desire.

She could not bear it if her very best friend was captured by this unknown menace.

"Julian?" she glanced nervously over to the handsome bespectacled man in a dapper business suit, who was her right hand in all things Foundation.

"I…don't know what to say, Ms. Lane…" the eloquent personal assistant inspected the screen of a PDA-styled device in his palm. "The Earspies are working just fine here. It's like she just disappeared-"

"Impossible!" Nightfall stood up, slamming both black leather gloved palms on the table. Her bountiful breasts bounced vigorously within the confines of her skimpy black and red-trimmed reflective bikini top, which matched the skimpy bikini shorts on the lower part of her curvy anatomy. Black gladiator-styled sandals adorned her feet, and tied up her shapely calves.

Julian walked over to the masked redhead and forcefully held the PDA device to her face. The one thing he hated more than anything was to be second guessed.

"You're right." The Nocturnal Maiden admitted reluctantly, tilting her head bashfully.

"We're all worried, my friend." Sundancer floated over and wrapped a comforting arm around Nightfall's shoulders. "But now…we have to leave it in the hands of the Goddess Solaria and see what befalls us…"

The ebony-haired White Venus sighed in frustration, with hands on her shapely hips. Her own breasts were rising and falling rapidly in the confines of her form-fitting white leotard, adorned with a shimmering golden "V" below her cleavage. Sleek white pantyhose accentuated well-defined legs that ended in white platform sandals. These were the Sandals of Venus, the source of her extraordinary abilities. Golden bracelets symbolized her Amazonian status, while a white chocker glistened around her neck.

"We have to go in." she said, more to herself than the others. "We have to rescue her."

"She knew the risks, Ms. Lane." Julian said briskly, maintaining professional calm. "But when Ms. Sanders sets her mind to something, she will move heaven and earth to obtain her goal."

"But she's doing it for the wrong reasons!" White Venus bit her lower lip. "She has this insane notion that we do not accept her as leader, when the general consensus is contrary. With or without Pam Wilson's blessing, Shining Star is the perfect leader of the Protectors. The name is simply not just the title of a proud superheroine legacy…but a role that Trish embodies. She is the brightest of us all…"

"A role that you, as the Avatar of Venus, could fit as well." Sundancer smiled at the Amazon Princess. "You were trained by the Amazons of the Island of Myth and are the agent of the Earth goddess Venus in 'Man's World'. You are the better warrior and leader."

"My duties as CEO of the Venus Foundation are overwhelming enough." White Venus shook her head with a mild smile. "The magnitude of warriors changes from situation to situation, Astrul. I would say leadership as well. Just because my skills are good in one condition doesn't mean they are good in all conditions."

"If I may be so bold to speak, Ms. Lane." Julian cleared his throat. "Leadership isn't just about the physical or the mental. It's not about organization and focusing your subordinates. It's about the spiritual as well, inspiring hope, 'rallying' those troops so to speak."

"In that case…I should be leader!" Nightfall spoke up.

All eyes in the room fell on the Dark Avengeress for a few seconds, as if considering the possibilities. Then, they all resumed conversation as if nothing was uttered.

"Shining Star is the most down-to-earth of all of us." White Venus said with a grin. "She has the most 'human' heart and experience. In this ragtag bunch of nocturnal crusaders, Solarin beauties, angels, and Amazonian warriors, she can be that guiding light that we all need in the infinite fight against injustice."

Sundancer nodded in agreement. "So what is the battle plan, Amazon?"

White Venus's expression darkened as her eyes returned to the red-grid holographic diagram on the tabletop. Her toes curled within the Sandals of Venus, her whole being wanting nothing more than to rip out of the Citadel in a battle frenzy and tear downtown to that Tower to rescue her closest companion.

She slowly walked towards the door of the room, with the others waiting on her answer with bated breath.

When she reached the door, she said over her shoulder, "I'm flying to the hospital to check on Gabby and Golden Angel. Somebody needs to talk sense into that angel to rest, and I guess I'm that girl. Hail me on the communicators …if…if something comes up."

With that, the Avatar of Venus continued to her destination, her hands tied, her wits at an end. There was no way to move forward without more information at the current time, and all of the waiting was driving her stir crazy anyway. Right now, it was up to their collected assortment of deities to provide them with a light at the end of a tunnel.

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