Saturday, November 3, 2012

Update - 11/3/12

Just an update for the VidKids!

I'm still around and kicking, and still waiting for the opportunity to update more frequently. Also, working on my second story for the Pulp Empire, which deals with awesome jungle girls. Definite thanks to the Catacombs(link down below) for great research material.

With WWE 13 now here, I haven't gotten a PS3 yet. I have a tradition when I was getting the title on PS2, which is to create two or three characters: Neutron, my high-flying, martial arts expert-turned-former sex slave...Guardian, who is me, for all intents and purposes, and Overmaster...yes, that's right, the titular villain of Overmaster Wars.  By the time Smackdown Versus Raw 2011 rolled around, I decided to turn Guardian heel, while retconning Neutron into a katheoy. This was because in the earlier installments, to trick the computer into having her be able to win the Heavyweight Championship, I had to list her as a male anyway.

Besides, I think it is a interesting concept. It is one of those "why not" concepts for wrestling...and if we can have a male wrestler(Vito) wearing a dress, why not have a transgendered person(focusing more on her personality and skill than who she is) kicking everyone's ass(not to mention maybe breaking down gender identity barriers to some degree). I remember mentioning this development on Neutron to one of my best friends and he nearly had a heart attack. *Shrugs*

As for Guardian, currently, in my head, I'm running with the idea that he is now "The Anti-Reality Superstar". In WWE, his storyline would involve him beating up reality show personalities(I abhor reality TV), kind of a takeoff of my "Mad Against The World" idea. So, along with some masked assistants, he would first show up on Jersey Shore, totally real and unexpected, and kick the living crap out of the males. Next would be Big Brother, and then the X-Factor. In a way, his assault on reality television would be similar to a comic book megacrossover...he would appear, viciously beat up males(and whatever females want to attack him) and thrash their sets.  His Titantron entrance video would consist of a highlight reel of the attacks.

His/my reasons for this stem from the idea that these reality stars don't have to work as hard as pro-wrestlers. This is very f**** true, as pro wrestlers sacrifice their bodies to entertain us day in and day out, why acting like an idiot can get you a reality show. Everyone wants to dump on pro-wrestling, calling it fake(when it is chorographed and pre-planned, but these ladies and gentlemen are usually hitting each other, taking falls and bumps, essentially putting their well-being on the line for us), while 90% of your reality shows are scripted to some degree(seriously, starting an arguement out of nowhere?)and extremely fake.

This would probably make him a natural enemy of The Miz, but I can't help it...I love the idea. Especially when over in TNA, you have Jersey Shore and Big Brother characters interrupting the wrestling story for desperate rating grabs.

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