Friday, June 15, 2012

Lil Tidbits - 6/15/12

Hey, Vidkids.

Still trying to get the funds to upgrade my computer, but I try to update once in a while. Still wrestling with the Overmaster debacle, but otherwise okay. Check out the "On The Video Racks" for links to awesome Golden Age Comics. While the Golden Age stories were crude on art and narrative, imagination soared, man. I've been recently reacquainted with the Claw, one of the coolest supervillains of that period.

He originated from the horrible Yellow Peril stories, the birthplace of such deviants of decency like Fu Manchu, but this guy was different. He can grow hundreds of stories tall, shoot lighting out of his fingertips, and had millions of followers. While he had normal human adversaries at the start of his comic, he also had Daredevil and The Ghost! Years before Eclispso and Kobra was whipping ass in their own series, the Claw was taking over the United States!

Can you imagine an awesome summer blockbuster starring this guy against a group of superheroes? Would make a spectacular double feature with the Avengers, that's for sure.

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