Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Aledeen, M**************

Sorry...I saw The Dictator last Friday and nearly split my side with laughter. This film, starring Sasha Boren Cohen of Borat fame, is funny. There is a scene involving obtaining a beard that just snatched the air right out of me, man.

Of course, I'm to lazy to give it the Just Awesome Cinema treatment. But truth be told, finally about to start on the novel. Yep, Memorial Day Weekend, I strap on the harness, put my eyeglasses away, secure my cap, and scream along for the ride. It's about time, anyway...I can't just research forever, and 70% of the fun comes from the actual writing anyway...the flow of the words, the mental creation of a fantasy world, etc. Also, I'm getting older...and more and more project ideas blossom in my head, threatening to destroy the earlier ones.

Thus...we rock.

I once again apologize if I seem lazy here. I like posting for the Vidkids reading the blog. But most of the time, I was researching, and well, working to pay the bills. Also, I was working on a few short stories that, well, did not make the cut saleswise, but were very fun to write nevertheless.

I'm hoping once I get into the rhythm of writing the novel, I can finally produce more output for the blog. Top things I want to do for the future:

  • Overmaster Trouble: Seems that I have received a few cease-and-desist letters from some old comic creators, citing the character of Overmaster originated from their Golden Age comic stories. So until I sort everything out with them, anything future Overmaster assorted media is ceased.
  • Japanime: On the other hand...I want to do more Japanime articles, on anime like Basilisk, Vandread, Slayers....
  • From The Comic Stands: Basically some articles on some of the comics I'm currently reading, like Grant Morrison's Action Comics, Geoff John's Green Lantern, Matt Fraction's Invincible Ironman, Mark Waid's Irredemable...
  • Ultimate Jazmon: From the lewd Wrath of Ward...I want to do basically an Ultimate Universe-version of the Venusian Vixen, more exploitation cinema, less porno-oriented. Enter: The Menace of Mammon!

There is a lot more. But also, have to get my computer updated.

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