Friday, April 27, 2012

Lil Tidbits - 4/27/12

Hi, Vidkids!

I have to apologize about the lack of pictures and trailers. My computer's in bad need of upgrades for the new changes to Eblogger. But yours truly is a trooper, and I will post whenever I can. I'll probably post some reviews for past superhero comics, like X-men: Schism and Flashpoint, and my own spin on them.

Also, having thoughts on creating a uniform Overmaster Wars continuity. Initially, I was going to have Emperor be a brand new continuity, seperate from Great Thunder. However, I'm now considering it to be a continuation of Great Thunder, i.e. one big storyline, one big timeline, one big continuity. Now, I'm wondering if I should retcon some of the Great Thunder story.

This will be cemented by two future articles, an Ultimate Protectors Team article, basically an all-star team of superheroines I would draft to fight Overmaster...and a new Overmaster profile, with the new, unified continuity.

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