Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lil Tidbits 10/13/10

  • I think I'm finished with my selection for The Ultimate Cheerleader Action Team. Of course, I have quite a few more candidates, but just imagine them as fodder-I mean these future characters as part of the next team, after the first is wiped out. Maybe in the sequel. Seriously, any film production takers? Asylum? Troma? I would write the script, seriously. Rogue? C'mon, I need some employment, and if Prom Night can exist...I can easily top that.
  • Thanks to Editor Selena Thomason of Mindflights and Ms. Alexcia Reynolds(who has stuck by me through thick and thin as far as my writing is concerned) for their comments on one of my stories. It seems I have a perchant for overwriting my I will try to rein it in, although personally, I like description, painting mental pictures.

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