Monday, September 27, 2010

My Top 10 Anime of All Time(Right Now) Part Two

So here is the rest of my top 10 anime that are the greatest as of this very moment. The great thing is that anime seem infinite...there are so many more titles that I would love to get my hands on, but I'm taking my time, trying not to burn myself out.

So, here are the rest of my faves:

  • Witchblade: If you simply go by this image...then you're missing out on a spectacular story. One of the reasons I initially avoided this anime was because I thought it was just some anime tie-in to the American Witchblade comic series. Imagine my surprise when, thanks to some offhanded comments from someone who watched it, I checked it out...and fell in love with it. This is mainly because this anime took the intial American concept and told its own story with it. Thus, instead of NYC cop Sara Pezzini, you get the Japanese young woman Masane, who is forcefully bonded with the Witchblade. Its a whole different story here, folks...and I would say that this is its greatest strength! Sure, the chick maybe half-naked here...but you get so much story, similar to Ikki Tousen...the themes of motherhood and destiny are very prominant.
  • Those Who Hunt Elves: What do you get when you mix a Japanese schoolgirl who is a military otaku, a meat-headed but deadly martial artist, a highly-intelligent actress, and a dog that does a fantasy world where they have to strip sexy elves to return to their home dimension? Surprisingly, this isn't at all pornographic. One of the very first anime I encountered, Those Who Hunt Elves is the story about three individuals who, along with a tank(!) are accidently summoned to a fantasy world by Celcia, Mistress of the Elves, to intially battle a world-threatening foe. Of course, the real story takes place afterwards...with the trio having to travel that world to find pieces of a spell that literally tattooed itself on the bodies of five elves. This is one of the funniest anime I've watched, with crazy concepts such as Celcia becoming part of the group as a magic-wielding dog, to the tank becoming possessed by the soul of a cat!
  • Jo-Jo's Bizarre Adventure: THE WORLDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of the most awesome anime of all time, Jo-Jo Bizarre Adventure is based on the manga by Hirohiko Araki, which in turn spawned Capcom's awesome game. Basically, the story is about these individuals, who can create spiritual warriors from within their bodies called "Stands". These Stands have unique powers such as manipulating fire or electricity; they can be as varied as using dead bodies as weapons or killing with light! Anyway, the Stands are named after cards in a Tarot deck, such as main character Jotaro Kujo's "Star Platnium". Anyway, the anime tells the story of Jotaro and his crew's battle against Dio, one the the craziest, most powerful, and vicious anime villians of all time. He's also a vampire...and unlike ol Dracula, he doesn't care about romance...he's all about brutalizing his enemies and getting the blood of the Jotaro Bloodline. Think Phantom here; just like the title of the Ghost Who Walks is passed down through the generations, the eponymous "Jo-Jo" in the title is unofficially passed down from father to son. The manga seems to cover a few generations of the family bloodline, and in the anime, both JOtaro KuJO and his grandfather(who is the star of one of the previous manga arcs/sagas) is JOnathan JOestar.
  • Hellsing Ultimate: I'm not talking about the 13-episode anime, but the spectacular OVA series that has yet to be finished. Still, check out the episodes that have been released so far...great stuff. The story here is this British organization, known as Hellsing, has control over and uses the original and greatest vampire of all time, Alucard, against the undead and Millennium, a remnant unit of Nazis. Alucard can do things that would make Dracula jealous with envy(of course, it is implied that they are the same person)...he can regenerate from ANY wound, fabled anti-vampire weapons or otherwise...and apparently, like Goku or Naruto, he has more states of higher power. My little blurb on the subject doesn't do justice to the story at hand.
  • My-Otome/My-Hime: If you like magical girls ala Sailormoon, this is a perfect counterpart for ya. I included both because they both take place in the same universe of sorts or use the same characters in different ways...think Tenchi Muyo/Pretty Sammy. My-Hime came first, and, like Jo-Jo's Bizarre Adventure, it is about schoolgirls who gain powers via outer manifestations of animals and/or warriors. My-Otome, on the other hand, is more straight-forward magical girl fare. Wonderful stories, both!

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