Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Just Catchin' Up

A lot of stuff is going on in my life recently...not at all bad stuff, thank God, but good stuff...a promotion(so to speak) here, a move there. Hope soon to have Internet privilages at the homestead, so I can keep a steady stream of updates for the Dusty Video Box. Until then, I'll often be sporatic, like the awesome X-men movie that I had to put my stank on. Go see it if you have the chance, comic fans.

Also preparing for my first novel(finally!), and now that I have the facility to ultilize, I can finally get these voices out of my head and onto paper! For years, they have been begging for release, and like a sadistic jailer, I've kept them locked up and threw away the key. Now, the floodgates will be opened...at least for this first project.

Of course, those voices have continued to build up over the years. For example, Emily Browning has inspired a project that I want to write...but it will have to wait in the pile with all of the others.

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