Monday, November 8, 2010

Real World Commentary and Tidbits - 11/8/10

I'm planning on posting more goodies on Wedding Blitz soon...okay, not goodies as in plural, but maybe a goody or two. Until then, still trying to find a way to post more often on this blog. I like voicing myself here, although I don't get much a response. And no, I'm not trying to be bitter here...just about a comment once in a while?

Anyway, Real World Commentary. Originally, I was going to do whole posts on different things that irk me, and maybe I will in the future. But since I can't post continuously yet, I'll post probably at now. So, let's focus on:
  • Kids with Cellphones: When I was 8, I wanted a Nintendo...or maybe action figures. These days, you have five year olds walking around with cellphones. I'm damn-near 30, and I don't need one per why the hell a kid with his or her baby teeth still in his or her mouth needs one? What the hell are you going to call? Your stockbroker? Your agent? Your manager at work? You should see these kids, man...yucking up a storm on cellphones. One can imagine what their conversations are about...the latest Spongebob Squarepants episode?
  • Reality Shows: I adhor reality shows. Seriously. They are the ultimate oxymorons, television shows about supposed reality. You can tell when they set things up, or when people are acting stupid just for the cameras. For example, on the BET series Being Terry Kennedy, you have two people talking about getting a ticket. Then suddenly, the rest of the family shows up, wanting the ticket as well. Because this s*** happens in real life(lol), Terry sets up a race to see who would get the ticket. Because again, this is reality, and this happens in real life(eyes rolling here). I would love to make my own reality show, where me and the crew from Jackass go from show to show...from American Idol to Jersey Shore...beating the living daylights out of the "reality stars". Maybe I'll disguise myself...wear a cape and armor, and have the Jackass guys wear Galactor costumes as well. And we'll just appear out of nowhere, lay waste to JWOW, the Situation, Simon Cowell, Prost(or whoever the hell hosts Survivor) and leave with an evil cackle. We could call it the Overmaster Hour, even.

As far as Tidbits:

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