Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Real World Commentary: Sagging

Even though I'm nearing 30 years of age, most times, while looking around at my younger sisters and brethren in black humanity, I feel like I'm from a whole different era in time. Yes, that comes off as elitist, and hell, maybe that's what I meant it to be. But man, I cannot for the life of me understand the need for young "brothers" to walk around with their pants coming off of their behinds.

And suddenly, I'm a child again, watching my own parents and grandparents berate me because I was "slouchy", with my pants lazily hanging on for dear life by mere slivers of threads. When you're a babe in the world, you don't understand where the grown-ups are coming from; you don't understand the blood-soaked struggle for black civil rights, or the centuries-long humiliation our African-American forefathers and foremothers experienced in slavery. Your only thoughts at this time in your life is usually one-worded: play. toy. cartoons. and later, acceptance. girls. and sex.

But now days, it seems like brothers that are far older than twelve are walking around, clutching their pants with one hand, as if threatening to flash some unsuspecting bystander. Since when is showing your underwear an acceptable fashion? I just don't get it...or rather, I'm glad to be ignorant of it. And what puts a giant nail in the coffin here is the idea that this "fashion statement"(both words used extremely lose here) originated in the prison world, where this was used as symbolism to show that you were another man's sexual slave. Of course, this can simply be an urban legend...

In the end, let me put it in perspective: sometimes, I might forget my belt or the belt I am using is too big for my waist. Either way, if my trousers are falling down, I'm feeling embarrassment, not acceptance. And for our young brothers out there, who already have enough obstacles barring them from progression in society at large, this sentiment should be shared among them.


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