Thursday, August 19, 2010

Future Plans

  • I had started a feature on Marvel Comics' last crossover, SIEGE, but I think I got sidetracked or something. I'll be posting that one of these days.
  • Since I can't talk about ANYTHING directly about my various projects, out of fear of my intellectual properties being stolen...I can hint at them, with various articles. So on the next "Dusty Video Box Presents", I'm finally doing my selections for the "Ultimate Cheerleader Action Team"...essentially an American counterpart to my first feature, "The Ultimate Sukeban(lead) Gang" for "Pinky Violence"(Look it up on here). Also thinking about an "Ultimate Cannibal Clan" feature, based on characters from "Wrong Turn" and "The Hills Have Eyes". I'm still wanting to do that "Blacula's Legion of Doom" feature.
  • I've been wanting to talk about another disturbing film with a lack of exploitation..."Bloodlines". I'm thinking about calling the feature, "They Wasted Good Exploitation", like on the awesome TV Tropes site, which has the "They Wasted A Good Plot" as a trope.
  • Finally, if any of you Dusty Videons are men...and I mean REAL MEN...and I men REAL FREAKIN' MEN(TM), go see The Expendables. Seriously. Don't be a wuss and waste your money on Scott Pilgrim or Vampires Suck...Be A Man and go see that movie.

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